Beneficial Thought: 5 Ways to Jump Start Your Love Life This Spring

Posted on April 27, 2017

How is your love life going, friend? Maybe you are still feeling Mercury retrograde effect in your love life and this could have slowed down things a little. Maybe Mercury retrograde has left you feeling like you were the sweet honey pot and there was nothing but flies flocking to you. It happens!

Mercury retrograde can cause that. So if you are looking ahead into the summer and wondering who is going to be your partner in crime, you′ve still got a shot at sparking up the fever in your relationship while spring is still in full throttle. Yes, you can find love or improve your current relationship, right now. Well before summer even begins. That′s what we are talking about today.

No matter your relationship status, you can always use astrology to make the right moves in love and relationships. This spring, astrology and the Universe is ripe with opportunities on how to take relationships to the next level. Even if you are in one or hoping to start a romance soon. Let′s have a look at the top five ways to ignite spring fever and jump start your love life this spring, no matter your relationship status.

1. Venus in Aries – Take the Lead

With Venus in cardinal sign, Aries, between April 28 and June 6, you have the love planet meeting a fiery zodiac sign that likes to be the boss. So guess what qualities you want to bring to love and relationships? If you are single, sitting around and worrying about love is not the way to get it going. Do something! The same holds true if your relationship has hit a plateau.

We′ve all seen a stalemate period in love on occasion. With Aries being the dream maker, think of your relationship like you would a campfire. Do you spark it up and wait for it to create magic? No. You have to keep adding to the fire, for as long as you want it to burn. The same holds true with love.

No love fire, no matter how hot it is at the start, is going to keep going on forever. You have to keep stoking that fire, baby! With Venus in Aries this spring, the Universe isn′t just giving you the energy to do that, it′s giving you this command. Make a move. Take the lead. Especially if it′s something you′ve never done before.

2. Mars in Gemini – Be Flexible

We talked about Mars in Gemini last week, but let′s have a look at applying this to love a little bit more. Gemini is the social butterfly of the zodiac as the mutable air sign. Mars is the warrior love planet that lets passion and drive move everything it does. So what is going to happen to romance when you put this energy into the mix? A lot. It′s going to feel like a lot happening at once. As such, you need to be flexible.

If you′re single, you may feel like you have twenty suitors vying for your attention, and you aren′t sure what to do. It feels exciting, it feels dizzying because you don′t know what to do. So, be flexible and enjoy and don′t feel the need to stick to just one thing.

Although, you do have the option to focus on the one flower that keeps popping up just for you. It′s your choice. Listen to that inner drive that Mars is sending your way. Whether you are single or attached. With so much happening with this energy, it′s very easy to get confused.

Listen to your drive, and focus on the one flower that has kept your attention the longest. You know who that is. Now follow your Mars and go for it! This spring fever is no fun if you aren′t using the energy you have been given.

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