Beneficial Thought: Light Your Fire While Mars is in Aries

Posted on January 26, 2017

We have a bit of an exciting adventure happening in January, and this is not something that happens very often. Spring comes early! The fiery planet Mars entering the driven zodiac sign of Aries happens this week.

What this means is that we have the planet of drive, aggression, and action in the zodiac sign of drive and leadership in action! This transit doesn′t usually happen until spring time, so this is what we mean when we say spring comes early this year.

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Prepare for Energy to Fire You Up

The excitement that you feel when the winter begins to thaw and the trees and flowers start to bud; is the energy you have available to you at the end of January. We mean this in a spiritual sense, of course. Unless you live in the southern belt, you′re not going to see any tulips budding anytime soon.

You can see some spiritual tulips spring to life and your life a little earlier than usual this year with the transit of Mars in Aries. This transit is all about turning the energy of this fire sign from new beginnings you have been contemplating and putting the effort behind them to launch them into reality.

The Mars in Aries transit can lead the seeds of success that you have been planting and encourage them to blossom and grow in your life. The planet of drive and action meets the zodiac sign of determination and confidence.

You′re going to have a lot of energy at the end of this month, and it will carry you through February as well. It′s the time to get some things done in your life. It′s a time for you to start asking yourself, what are you excited about?

What Are You Passionate About?

Every person on this planet is passionate and excited about something! With Mars in Aries, you are going to be feeling inspired and passionate about a plan or project in your life.

It might be seeking a relationship; it could be finding a new job, or simply figuring out your unique abilities. You need to make a life with the skills and talents you have.

Whatever it is, you have that special energy that you will be excited about starting at the end of January. It′s going to feel like spring fever during winter! It will give you the energy and zeal to go for it.

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The message for you today is to follow your instincts, drives, and passions when they start to bubble up within you. You are being given these urges for a reason.

A word of caution, don′t follow the feelings that will lead to temper tantrums! Aries and Mars can be prone to anger quickly when provoked. Watch out for that during this transit.

Follow the plans and passions that lead you to create an action-oriented roadmap to success in your life. What are you feeling inspired about this week?

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