Beneficial Thought: Don’t Poke the Mama Bear While Mars is in Cancer

Posted on June 01, 2017

You′ve heard the saying, ‘When Mama bear ain′t happy, ain′t nobody happy′. If you haven′t, today you′re going to get a lesson on it. We may be getting this lesson for a few weeks, when Mars enters Cancer on June 4. That doesn′t mean you′ll be in Mama Bear mode for several weeks, unless that′s the energy you pursue.

Today we are going to talk about how to use Mars in Cancer effectively, so you don′t spend the next several weeks being called Mama Bear, or running from Mama Bear.

What is Mars in Cancer?

In this transit of Mars in Cancer, we have the aggressive and driven warrior planet Mars entering the most nurturing zodiac sign of them all, Cancer. If it sounds like two opposite energies combining, you′re right. Like everything in astrology, there′s good and bad to that.

The bad is the heated energy of Mars combining with the sometimes crabby energy of cardinal sign Cancer. This is energy that will manifest in daily life thus, poking the Mama Bear.

The good is that Cancer has a lot of soft spots. As aggressive as this Mama Bear is when she′s poked, she also has the sweetest, most gentle and nurturing energy that you know. This energy has a tendency to soften the aggressive warrior energy of Mars.

Mars will not be quite as aggressive during this period, you just need to be very careful not to poke the Mama Bear, and not to bring out the Mama Bear if you are poked. How do you do that? Well first, you need to recognize the problem.

What Does Mars in Cancer Look Like?

Again, we have a very driven leadership energy coming through over the next few weeks. This transit lasts from June 4 to June 20. You want to channel the best of both worlds, and stay away from the shadow sides of both worlds.

This will be a tricky balancing act. But, with Cancer softening up Mars a little bit, it′s not impossible, in fact, it′s a little easier than you think.

Mars in Cancer will manifest in your daily life as a softer warrior position. In some cases, this can become too soft. You become the passive-aggressive warrior, the warrior that loves to be right, but doesn′t want to come off as a jerk.

Here′s an example, “Oh I don′t need a ride to the store tonight, honey. I guess we can go without milk for another day. Even though I asked you seven times about it this morning. I just won′t have breakfast or coffee tomorrow.”

This is an example of the anger of Mars, lashing out passive-aggressively with Cancer softness. It′s a no-brainer that what′s really being said is, “I love you honey, but I′m really, really mad because we don′t have milk. That′s all I′ll think about until we do. Expect to be punished all evening about this.”

This type of scenario usually results in someone else getting even madder, throwing their hands up and saying, “Fine! I′ll go get your stinking milk!” Then the rest of the night is ruined, and everybody is punished all night anyway. Mama Bear ain′t happy, ain′t nobody happy.

Because Cancer is the nurturer, and the domestic body, the home life is where you are going to see these types of Mars in Cancer eruptions the most. You′ll see it at dinner, over your sex life, and whether or not you texted someone back soon enough.

You′ll see it pop up in many places in regards to your daily domestic chores and affairs. So now that you know what it looks like, let′s talk about how to keep both yourself and Mama Bear happy at the same time.

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