Beneficial Thought: Conquer Your to-do List While Mars is in Taurus

Posted on March 09, 2017

A lot of us are getting a spring in our step as the warmer months inch closer. It′s a wonderful relief! Much of this energy comes from the cardinal sign, Aries, which the sun will be entering in just a few short weeks. Right on its heels is the lovely earth sign, Taurus.

Taurus is the gardener of the zodiac, and it′s just as excited as anybody that spring is just around the corner. We will see some planets enter hard-working Taurus a little bit earlier than usual. Mars will be in Taurus between March 10 and April 21. It will give you ample time to see it, plan it, and do it. You will have the motivation and perseverance to it comes to projects and work you need to get done.

Mars will be the first planet to arrive on the scene, and this is going to be ideal energy for work and productivity. So let′s talk about that today, the transit of Mars in Taurus, and how you can use this energy throughout the first month of spring so success can blossom in your life.

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Christine Beswick

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