Relationship Tips for Scorpios

Posted on October 21, 2016
scorpio relationship tips

Happy birthday, Scorpio! It′s your time to shine, and boy, do you have a lot to offer! As a Scorpio, you′re known for being deep, moody, broody, and intense. You usually have a lot of self-assurance, but you have to watch that this doesn′t turn into arrogance or conceit. Follow these relationship tips for Scorpios in order to enrich your life and the lives of the people closest to you.

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Scorpio′s Dominant Traits

You′re fiercely protective of what is important to you, including people, things, ideas, and values. You don′t usually hold a grudge, but you always remember how people made you feel and the temptation to get even does exist in you. You′ll lay in wait and bide your time, and you′ll not hesitate to cut someone who wronged you completely out of your life. This is both a blessing and a curse, as the following sign-by-sign relationship tips for Scorpios reveals!

Scorpio′s Compatibility With Other Signs

Scorpio / Aries Compatibility: Wow, there′s a lot of passion here. You both know who you are and what you want, and if you′re on the same page, great! However, if you want different things or have different ideas on how to get there, then this is going to be a very bumpy ride. You′ll need to constantly remind each other that this is a team, and not shy away from compromise in order to accommodate the other. Failure to do so will bring this relationship down in a heartbeat.

Scorpio / Taurus Compatibility: There′s a lot of chemistry here, and you seem to be able to complement each other well, working as a team and getting a lot done. You′re both very sensual, and between the sheets you′re going to go out of your way to please the other, making intimacy amazing. Just make sure that you don′t get nit-picky, though. Your Taurus partner is pretty laid back, and might not understand the intensity of some of your moods.

Scorpio / Gemini Compatibility: You′re liable to butt heads more often than not because there′s not a lot of common ground here. Your focus is more on the inner workings of the mind and the human experience, while Gemini is more superficial, more of a social butterfly. There′s likely to be conflict here, unless you can find a middle ground. If you′re prepared to meet your Gemini partner half way, then some interesting experiences may well open up new doors for you.

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Scorpio / Cancer Compatibility: You′re both water signs so you′re off to a good start, but you′re going to have to watch your moodiness. Cancer will retreat into that crab′s shell and brood if you make them feel even the slightest bit insecure—which is possible, as you′re sometimes a bit tactless. If you can let Cancer teach you how to be just a bit more gentle, just a bit more considerate, though, then this has the potential to be the stuff that dreams—and long-lasting commitment—are made of.

Scorpio / Leo Compatibility: Oh, my! You could have well met your match here, dear Scorpio. Leo is just as fixed and stubborn as you are, just as determined to have things their way and just as jealous and possessive. Leos also far more gregarious and love to be the center of attention. You may find this need for recognition unnecessary and trivial Unless you find a way to cope with it, your Leo partner might turn from the lion-hearted lover into an annoyance.

Scorpio Virgo Compatibility: Virgo′s keen mind is probably what first attracts you here. You′re very different, but you both adore details, probing into things to find out what makes them work. You′re more passionate than Virgo ever lets on though. Or are you? You see, Virgo can be just as intense as you, but they have a tendency to let it simmer just under the surface. Watch out when you unleash the beast, though, since Virgo will give you a run for your money—and this has the potential to be an enjoyable and enduring partnership for both of you.

Scorpio / Libra Compatibility: Libra will do a lot to keep the peace, and will usually let you have your own way, but don′t take advantage of that. Just because you′ve won the confrontation doesn′t mean that you′ve won the war. Libra will retaliate by going off and doing their own thing—and that could make you feel very jealous or insecure in the relationship. You′ll have to meet in the middle, with you not being quite so intense and Libra not being quite so flighty, for this to work.

Scorpio / Scorpio Compatibility: Now you′ve met your doppelganger. There are no half measures here. You′ll either be attracted or repelled; it all depends on where you′re at in your own personal evolution as to whether this is a match made in heaven or a war between two worlds. There′s a lot of passion, but also plenty of jealousy and anger. You′ll have to try to get past the physical passion and meet mentally and emotionally if this is going to grow into a mutually rewarding commitment.

Scorpio / Sagittarius Compatibility: You′re as different as chalk and cheese, and a lot of compromise and commitment from both of you will be needed to make this work. Sagittarius will not be tamed, conquered, or tied down in any way and you might not be comfortable with that. Sagittarius′s ability to just go with the flow rather than getting intensely involved with things is completely opposite of your nature and could create problems too. Consideration and adjustment are the keys to success here.

Scorpio / Capricorn Compatibility: You′re both as stubborn as can be, and that′s not going to court you any favors in making this a match made in heaven. Capricorn is reserved and broody, just like you are, and when you hit those obstacles—and you will—you can go for days in a stalemate of not yielding If this is going to work, you′re going to have to learn to back down off your high horse and let Capricorn plod through things at their own speed. It′s got potential, but you′ll have to be willing to learn from each other.

Scorpio / Aquarius Compatibility: There′s a stubborn streak here, too, although this one′s a bit easier with which to deal than others. An Aquarius′ intellectual intensity can either complement or conflict with your emotional intensity. If they′re as focused as you are on making this relationship work, then you′re off to a good start. Just remember that your Aquarius lover may be less able to reveal their feelings than you are, and let your actions speak louder than words when trying to get them to open up.

Scorpio / Pisces Compatibility: If you thought you were emotional and demonstrative when it came to your feelings, Pisces is just about to outdo you! In fact, Pisces is so open about their feelings that it may all get a bit too much for you. Pisces will always try to understand you and empathize with you, but their neediness is hard for some folks to handle. This can cause them to retreat into their own little world. There′s a good foundation for the future here, you both just need to learn how to handle the other before you get too committed.

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Scorpios are notoriously reliable—you′re the one people call on when they′re looking for deep, profound insight. Your love for intense conversations naturally draws people to you and your lovemaking is just as passionate and sincere. With that in mind, watch out for obsessive habits you may be carrying with you from relationship to relationship. You′ll either love them or loathe them, with very little room for middle ground.

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