Your Key to Success: Destiny & the 4 Elements

Posted on May 23, 2016

Success isn′t a guarantee. It′s a result of skill, luck, hard work, timing … you get the picture. But sometimes, your path is written in the stars. You simply need to watch for the right cues and use your talents to your advantage. In the zodiac, your destiny is guided by a few factors, such as your birth sign (Gemini, Taurus, etc …). Each sign falls under one of four natural elements — fire, Earth, air or water — which have their own ingrained traits. In addition to aligning with a natural element, your zodiac sign also displays one of three unique qualities:

By fostering your zodiac sign′s positive qualities, you can align with your true calling for success — your destiny.

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Success for Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn)

People born under Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn) are known for being extremely grounded. Unless your stability is threatened, you′re a force to be reckoned with. Earth signs are strongly associated with money, and good old fashioned hard work.

Taurus (Fixed)
Taurus is the fixed sign of the Earth element. This means, that whole “grounded” label we introduced applies to you tenfold. You′re absolutely at your best with a sense of stability, and when you focus on the same goal for a long time. Your talents lie in creating beauty around you, so why not include elements of the Earth (flowers, wood etc…) to your professional life?

Virgo (Mutable)
Virgos, much like Taureans, enjoy stability, but aren′t as big into repetition. As a mutable sign, Virgos are more adaptable and willing to embrace different tasks from day to day. You′re likely good at organizing and analyzing, and you embrace problem solving that requires flexible thinking. Editorial work, organizational matters, finances and work in the humanitarian fields cater to Virgo′s diversity.

Capricorn (Cardinal)
Capricorns are the true money makers of the Earth signs — and the entire zodiac, for that matter. You′re destined to be the “boss”, either in your own business or in someone else′s. It′s a trait you can′t (and shouldn′t) hide. For this cardinal sign under the Earth element, your destiny is met when your hard work aligns with your big dreams.

Success for Air Signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)

Air signs (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius) are quick movers and quick thinkers, but they′re pretty slow on the emotional front. Known for excelling in communication, detail and free thought, success is usually found where facts and rationale prevail over feelings and emotional judgement.

Gemini (Mutable)
Geminis are witty and fast on their feet, with a charming answer for just about anything. You′ll excel in just about any sales job you take on, — cold calling, selling cars or moving mansions. You just have that way about you. Fields of public speaking are also in line with your destiny, and when you match your intellectual capabilities with your determination, you can achieve anything.

Libra (Cardinal)
Libras are the initiators of the air element, and often find success with initiating projects. You′re good at creating balance and harmony by using your skills of tact and grace, so any work that you can find mediating will be lucrative. These talents bleed into your personal relationships as well, so finding a way to balance all of these things in your daily life will align you with your true destiny.

Aquarius (Fixed)
People born under Aquarius aren′t as flexible as their air sign counterparts. You don′t like change much, unless you′re creating it. You thrive in social settings, so your destiny is en pointe when you surround yourself with people and community. You also understand the big picture better than most other signs, making Aquarians excellent teachers, mentors and community organizers. And the more out of the box you are, the more successful you′ll be.

Success for Fire Signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)

The fire signs (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius) are all about passion and creativity. This is what gets you jumping out of bed in the morning — your quest to create that thing you love. You′re highly intuitive so whatever your calling is, it′s calling you for a reason. Growth and success are yours for the taking, when you act quickly on your creative impulses.

Aries (Cardinal)
Aries is an initiator — a self-starter. You like to own your own success, and you appreciate the freedom to design your own ladder to success. Independence in your daily operation gives you the time to focus your energy on your individual path to success. This is a common trait among cardinal signs, as you appreciate the benefit of carving your own destiny.

Leo (Fixed)
Perseverance the crucial key to Leo′s success. You have endless ideas, and you love luxury, but you do need to stay focused or you′ll veer off your destined path. Generosity also gets you everywhere, so just remember that the more you give, the more you are destined to receive.

Sagittarius (Mutable)
Flexible, yet always thinking of the bigger picture, the mutable fire sign Sagittarius appreciates variety in life. Jobs that require travel may cater to your desire to learn about this big wide world. Staying optimistic is important too. This is because you′re a born teacher, and can fulfil that destiny by imparting your knowledge of the world on others.

Success for Water Signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)

When it comes to intuition, the water signs (Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio) lead the pack. And you probably already know this, since you usually end up on top when you follow your heart. That is the destiny of the water signs — to fill the planet with as much love and passion as possible.

Cancer (Cardinal)
Cancer is the leader of all things loving. And you feel like your destiny is intact when with something to nurture. You′re the ultimate Mother figure, male or female. Thus, you will succeed when you′re giving birth to new projects and ideas, using your emotions and instinct to reach those goals and spreading more love into the world.

Scorpio (Fixed)
Scorpio is the “people person” of the water signs. You′re never short on relationships. Managing them may be problematic, however, as it′s usually your way or no way — it might be to your advantage to let that go. Your keen instinct and ability to determine the truth from a mile away gets you everywhere. A job that requires detective work, writing or connecting with others in an emotionally healing way will be an ideal path for Scorpio.

Pisces (Mutable)
Pisces is the most flexible water sign, but also the most fickle. The artistic fields: painting, music, drama and dance, speak to you directly. With the right amount of focus, you′ll find success in these fields. Work that involves using your imagination — advertising or theater — nurture your soul and make you feel like you′ve found your calling.

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Let Your Zodiac Sign Lead the Way

Your zodiac sign is the blueprint of your personality. It maps out your fears and your insecurities, but it also sets the foundation of your strengths — your attractions, your drive and ultimately, your destiny. It′s a way to determine your own uniqueness. Use those unique traits to maximize your potential for success and happiness.

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