Last Minute Holiday Shopping Blues? Shop by Life Path Number!

Posted on December 15, 2014

We shared a great article earlier this month on how to use astrology to make your holiday shopping a snap ... but what if you don’t know someone′s astrological zodiac sign? No problem! Just use numerology and the secrets of their life path number to get insight into their personality preferences!

What is numerology? If you′re bad at math (like me) no need to get anxious. It′s easy!

Numerology is an ancient science of numbers that gives you information about a person′s personality. You do it by applying a number to each letter in their first and last name, and the numbers in their birthday if you know it. Then you literally just add up all of those numbers, condense the final number into a single digit by adding two digits together, and bam. You′ve got a life path number!

But even if all you know is their first name you can still gain some information. And if you don′t know the way to figure out a person′s number, just go here to learn how!

Holiday Shopping By the Numbers

Now that you know everyone′s life path numbers, follow the simple guide below and have fun choosing presents for the folks on your list this year! Each life path number tells us 2 important things about holiday shopping: what the person wants and what they need. With this helpful info you can easily satisfy both the earthly and spiritual sides of their desires! It also gives you some great backup options too which is never a bad thing when you′re battling the holiday shopping rush!

Life Path 1: One Of A Kind

Ones like anything one of a kind, unique, or new. Try the latest gadget from an electronic store or a one of a kind creation from What their soul really needs is something calming. A gift card to a spa, a miniature zen garden, or a relaxing scented candle are all great options. But this has to be a gift that nobody else will get, something just for them. Their colors are all shades of red.

Life Path 2: Sentimental

The Twos on your list wants something personal or thoughtful. A poem you′ve written, tickets to a show you′d enjoy together, or a framed picture of the two of you (if you′re close) would make their day. Many twos are collectors, so something new for their collection is also sure to please. Deep down inside they really need a stress-free day to spoil and pamper themselves. Their colors are shades of orange.

Life Path 3: Pamper Them

When shopping for a Three, think either entertainment or pampering. A spa day, cozy robe and/or slippers, or scented bath oils are perfect. Also anything artsy or crafty is great for them. Get extra points for making a big deal about them – they love to be the center of attention! What they need is to settle down and relax. Try some meditation CD′s or relaxing music. Their colors are shades of yellow.

Life Path 4: Practical

Fours want something functional or from the Earth, so they′d love an organizer or bag with lots of pockets. They′re money savvy so they′d even be happy with plain old cash or a savings bond. If you′d rather get them something they need, do something to feed their adventurous side. A trip to an amusement park or activity like skydiving would get them really excited. Their colors are browns and greens.

Life Path 5: Sensual

If you′re shopping for a Five, consider that they might prefer an adventurous activity or a trip to a new place, even if it′s local. But if you do get them an item, know they are very sensual so they′d want anything they can taste, touch, or feel. What their soul really needs is something to help them feel grounded like a stress relieving CD. Their colors are light shades of blue.

Life Path 6: Cozy and Intimate

Sixes particularly enjoy music, food, and cuddly things. Dinner and a show would make their day. They also love flowers and cozy home decor. Underneath all that, what they need is for someone else to make all the decisions for them for a day! Their colors are dark shades of blue.

Life Path 7: Feed Their Brain

Educational books or CD′s, or anything involving mystery would make a Seven smile. Gift certificates, antiques, or something historic would work great too. Just remember they′re particular about quality. What they need, on the other hand, is something to help them get out of their head and slow down their brain. A funny movie with some friends would really help them out. Their colors are shades of violet.

Life Path 8: Yay Gifts!

Eights just love gifts. All gifts. Especially cash or gift cards! They′re impressed with brand names or anything signed by the creator. Overall they′re easy to please. What they really need is a spiritual retreat to get back in touch with their inner self. Their colors are tans and grays, some say rose.

Life Path 9: Get Personal

A nine just wants to know you care. Something personalized or custom made just for them would make a big impact. A trip, a show at a theater, or concert would mean a lot to them too. Similar to twos, what their soul really needs is a stress-free day of relaxation. Their colors are gold or red.

Isn′t Numerology Cool?

Wasn′t that easy? Who wouldn′t want to gain more insight into the people they care about? Now instead of racking your brain for the perfect gift, you can have fun shopping quickly and with more confidence. So go ahead and rock your holiday shopping this year!

Let us know your life path umber ... and what you′d REALLY love as a gift this gift giving season!

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