Speaking to the Angels Through Numerology

Posted on October 26, 2016

We could all use a little help now and again, and one of the easiest ways to invite that help into your life is to call the angels. There′s a whole firmament of divine beings out there just waiting to assist you as you go through the peaks and pitfalls in your life. They do need to be asked before they′re allowed to intervene, and that′s what some people forget.

You′ve probably already heard of some of the more popular angels and archangels such as Michael and Gabriel, but there are many lesser known angels who are just as helpful in times of trial. There′s no ego with angels (unlike some television shows and movies would have you believe), there′s just divine intervention. When working with angels, though, there′s also some karma. Yes, you′ll be loved unconditionally and yes, everything can be forgiven, but that doesn′t mean that the consequences of your actions are just going to disappear simply because you′ve asked an angel to help. Many people believe that repeated sequences of numbers are the angels speaking to you—and as everything in life can be broken down into numeric frequencies, this does make sense.

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Invite the Angels to Help

Asking the angels to help is easy. “Angels, help me,” is all it takes. However, it′s been my experience in life that being thankful for what you have goes a long way, too. Rather than just asking the angels to help you, you might want to word it, “Angels, thank you for helping me.” That both invites them in and shows appreciation at the same time.

You don′t have to commit yourself to a monastic life to work with the angels, either. They′re not going to ask you to do anything but shift your perspective from one of doubt and uncertainty to one of gratitude and trust. Your guardian angels—and those who just pop by to help from time to time—all have your spiritual growth and the well-being of your soul in their care. They truly want you to be happy and fulfilled.

So, now you′ve invited the angels to help, how do you tune into their guidance? Let′s take a look at some of the numbers and see what messages from the angels is hidden in them.

The Numbers 1, 11, 111

One always represents a beginning. Here, the angels are showing you that there′s something new coming your way, or maybe you′re even starting to experience the newness. The more 1s you see, the more intense the beginning, the more transformational it will be for you—and the more urgently the angels are trying to get your attention.

In numerology, the number 1 takes the placeholder of 0 and starts to give it form. Have you ever heard the saying, “Be careful what you wish for or you just might get it?” This is the energy of the number 1 put into action. If you′ve asked the angels to help and you see repeated 1s, then make sure that your thoughts and desires are lined up with what you truly want in your life. Above all, stay cheerful and thankful. You′ve asked the angels for divine assistance and they′re showing you that they′re bringing it into your life. That′s definitely something to celebrate.

The Numbers 2, 22, 222

2 is the number of balance and kindness. If you′re seeing 2s, you can know that the angels are hearing you, for this is the number of awareness, and of assistance. It shows you that the angels are sensitive to your needs and willing to intervene on your behalf if you just invite them to do so.

In numerology, 2 is the number of harmony. It′s where the ideas and plans of number 1 start to take form and shape. You′ve sown the seeds, but—just as in gardening—the work is not complete, yet. You have to nurture and tend those seeds for them to grow. It′s the same when you see 2s repeating themselves. The more 2s you see, the more willing the angels are to come and offer their support and assistance.

The Numbers 3, 3, 333

In numerology, the number 3 refers to a trinity, and you can apply this in many ways. It aligns with the triune God, or the three faces of the Mother (maiden, mother, crone), and more. Whenever 3s appear to you, it′s the angels showing you that you′re not alone, You′re being given guidance, protection, and divine love.

If you see multiple 3s, such as 33 or 333, then this is emphasizing the message that the angels are there to help you. It′s time to take a leap of faith. It′s by acting on faith that you prove you trust the angels and their plan for your life. It′s a time to step out in love, knowing that the angels will guide you forward.

The Numbers 4, 44, 444

The number 4 represents a firm foundation. Think about it; there are 4 seasons, 4 corners of the earth, even a table or a desk has 4 legs and a car has 4 wheels. Four is a message from the angels that you′re on steady ground, that your support is sturdy and strong. It stands to reason, then, that if you see groups of 4, such as 44 or 444, then you′re being reassured that the angels have your back and you′re on solid ground.

Collectives of 4 ask you to listen to your intuition, for the angels will guide you forward with a firm hand. You′re being supported, and that support is not going to fade. You′re surrounded on all sides by the angelic realms, and they are not going to let you fall now.

The Numbers 5, 55, 555

The number 5 points to your individuality, changes, and life lessons that you learn through personal experience. It teaches you how to adapt, how to go with the flow, and surrender what you′re outgrowing or what′s no longer working in your life. When you see 5s, then the angels are sending you messages that changes are on the way. You′ll need to keep a positive mindset to make the most of them, though. The easiest way to do this is through gratitude.

If you′re seeing multiples of 5, this is adding emphasis to the need for you to evolve. You may have already started to embrace these changes, and if that is the case, then this is confirmation that you′re on the right path. Surrender what′s no longer appropriate, and trust that the angels have a plan to lead you to something better. The angels will lead you into success and abundance, but you have to be proactive in those changes, making the most of the opportunities that you′re given.

The Numbers 6, 66, 666

This is the number of unconditional love. It′s the number of caregivers and nurturing and compassion. It′s a message from the angels to remain humble and kind, even as you climb the ladder to success. There are others who are not as fortunate as you, and while it′s true that some won′t have put in the same effort that you′re doing in order to make your goals manifest, they′re neither greater nor lesser than you are, so don′t look down on them.

Groups of 6 intensify the need for you to be understanding and sincere. It′s time to awaken your inner guide, and to spread your kindness to those around you. The number 666 has a bad reputation, but there′s no reason to fear it. It is not a sign of anything evil or bad. It is the angels telling you that you need to pause, find your center, and refocus on your spiritual goals.

The Numbers 7, 77, 777

The number 7 is a unique number. We speak of the 7 wonders of the world or being in 7th heaven. It′s enigmatic and original, and will not conform just to fit in with others. This is the number that indicates you′re learning something new and throwing yourself even deeper into your spiritual path and pursuits. When you see 7s, it means that the angels are happy with what you′re doing, but they want you to do even more.

When you see the number 7 repeating itself, then it′s showing you that you′re making real progress in your spiritual life. It′s a confirmation that you′re hearing what the angels are sharing with you, and that you′re applying it to your daily life. This is also a number of healing, and when you see it repeating, it′s assuring you that the angels are healing your soul so that you can truly manifest your bliss here on Earth.

The Numbers 8, 88, 888

8 is the number of infinity. It represents karma, self-confidence, goals, financial success, and prosperity. To see 8s shows you that your physical needs, as well as those of your spirit, are being met by the angels who are supporting and guiding you. You do not need to worry about your material obligations. The angels are leading you along the path where your responsibilities will take care of.

Multiples of 8 are tricky. On one hand, it′s assuring you that the angels will take care of you, but it will also be easy for you to lose sight of your spiritual journey. Repeating 8s can be a sign of greed, or a lust for power and control, or maybe even stinginess. When you see them, examine your heart. Remember, when you′ve been richly blessed by the angels, don′t build a higher wall, build a bigger table, and share what you′ve been given with others who have not been so fortunate.

The Numbers 9, 99, 999

This is the last of the single digit numbers, and as such, it speaks of completion. If you′re seeing 9s, then something that you′ve been working on is coming to a finish. This could be something you′re doing in your life, or it might be something less tangible, like some kind of a spiritual lesson. 9 is the number of character, responsibility, and obligation. It′s the number of endings, completions, and understanding. It′s the termination of one cycle so that another one can start.

Collectives of 9 ask you to tie up any loose ends so that this cycle of energy comes to a natural conclusion. Nothing can begin until something else stops, and the angels are reminding you of that. They′re showing you that through their guidance and divine wisdom, you′ll be able to successfully navigate everything your life asks of you, and more. Things that you no longer need in your life are being removed, so that you can embrace your true calling, and work with the angels moment by moment, always aiming for your highest happiness and greatest successes.

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Other Combinations

Of course, these aren′t the only numerical combinations through which the angels will speak to you. It′s possible for any combination to be a message from your angels; so how do you know what they′re saying? In this case, break it down number by number. For example, if you keep seeing the numbers 1752 repeated. Perhaps these are the last four digits of your cellphone number, and then they repeat with your login number at work, and then you see it on digital clocks or car number plates, etc. Take it number by number. Look back to what the number 1 means, then the number 7, then the number 5, then the number 2. In this instance. 1 is beginnings, 7 is uniqueness and progress, 5 is change and individuality, and 2 is harmony and balance. The message from the angels would be, then, that new beginnings are good for you, you′re making progress and adapting to the changes, which in turn is leading you into harmony and balance.

The angelic beings are not limited to numbers when it comes to bringing a message to you, but give it a try. I promise you that, if you start to pay attention to the numerical world around you, analyzing numbers and combinations that repeat frequently, then you′ll start to see patterns emerging. By studying those patterns in conjunction with your daily prayers and meditations, you can open up a whole new world when it comes to interacting with the deities that guide you.

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