10 of Swords


There is no sugar coating this card. This is the card of ultimate betrayal, pain, deception, or heartbreak. It could also be the pain that comes with an actual death or loss in your life. The individual has been pierced with 10 swords, and there's just nothing you can do to bring this one back. The message is, it's okay to go through this pain and feel your way through it. But don't get stuck there. The sun in the break of the black sky suggests, there will be more sun tomorrow once some time for healing from this grief has passed.


This is one of the saddest cards you can pull in the Tarot. The symbolism is very clear. In the card lies a man on the ground face down, and he has ten swords in his back that have inflicted fatal pain. The sky is dark, there is no hope to be found from this situation. This is the bitter end of something. What has been pierced with the sword can not be brought back to life. There is a small break in the darkness of the clouds that suggests, hope is not lost. A time of healing is recommended, but the sun will come out tomorrow.

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