2 of Cups


The 2 of Cups represents a happy and blissful pair, strengthened by the union of unconditional love. Each individual is bringing love to the table with pure intentions and a pure heart. This card often appears in love readings, but can appear in business readings as well. It's a good time to take on a new partner, initiate a move with a new partner, or extend an offering to a partner in your life, whether that is in work or play. You may also meet someone special today!


In the 2 of Cups we see two lovers joining forces, each bringing a cup of love to the table. Many Tarot readers consider this to be a twin flame card, so if you see this card appear know that your twin flame will make an appearance in some way. Look for signs or messages, or an invitation of some sort. You may even have a date today, or some time in the near future. When cups are present, so is committed love. So when the 2 of Cups arrives, know that the union you are wondering about is one with unconditional love that is flowing blissfully between the pair.

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