2 of Pentacles


The man in this card is balancing two pentacles between his two hands with a line of karma tying the two together to form the infinity symbol. 2's in the Tarot often represent other parties, or things that are dual in nature. So there is a balancing act happening here between two parties, or two things in your day or life at this time. You may spend the day going back and forth in messages for example, or getting a lot of paperwork to and fro from your desk. The line between the two pentacles is an infinity symbol, suggesting the things you are balancing today will be directly connected to your karma, and honest and fair dealings are advised while you manage this juggling act if you want these issues to work in your favor.


In this card we see a man holding two pentacles, with one in each hand. Connecting these two pentacles between the hands is a symbolic rope or tie, that makes the shape of the infinity symbol suggesting a strong connection with karma in this card. The man's face in this card is not too concerned, but is not overly joyful either. He is focused on the task at hand, juggling the two pentacles between each other and along the invisible line of karma we all walk every day. As pentacles represent earthly and practical matters, this card often suggests a balancing act between finances or material things. However pentacles also often represent the practical matter of messages, and this could also indicate a balancing act between messages or people as well.

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