3 Card Spreads

A tarot reading gives you guidance for your relationship, your career, and any other area of your life. But a reliable tarot reader isn’t always available at a moment’s notice. Luckily, there are a number of tarot spreads you can do by yourself.

This 3-card personal reading spread answers questions about your past, present, and future. As you select your 3 cards, think about the questions you’d like answered or the problems you’re facing. As you read the interpretations on each card, consider how they apply to the question you asked or your current situation.

  • The 1st Card (The Past): This card represents your situation—why you’re currently in the spot you’re in. It often symbolizes a person or relationship in your life that has influenced your question.
  • The 2nd Card (The Present): This card represents the current problem, often as a direct result of the situation. Pay close attention to this card as it may be trying to show you things that you’ve previously overlooked.
  • The 3rd Card (The Future): The final card in this 3-card spread provides guidance to face and overcome your issue. It may provide options you hadn’t considered or resources and people you’d overlooked.

After drawing your cards, revisit your initial question to ensure that it has been addressed properly. A good tarot guide can help you interpret the images you see on the tarot cards, but there’s really no substitute for personal reflection. As with any skill, practice makes perfect, so use this tarot tool often (daily, if possible), or order a set of Astrology Answers Master Deck Tarot Cards and practice at home!

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Your Tarot Result

Past - King of Cups

The King of Cups sits on a throne that is a solid island in the sea. The waters around him are turbulent, and although he is alone, he is neither fearful nor lonely. His blue robes reflect his calm mood. The ship to his left and the fish around his neck are further indications that he feels right at home where he is. Like all kings, the King of Cups represents motivation. The King of Cups could also refer to a man, in particular, a man who is not afraid of his feelings, but who embraces them and makes them part of his strength. The past position reveals to you an important influence from the past, and what might have happened to bring things to the point where they are now. You cannot change the past, but by understanding it, you can learn from it, so you don't make the same mistakes again. The inverted King of Cups just isn't very nice. He indicates that either you or someone else has been emotionally controlling or vindictive. Even if you or the other people involved meant well, emotions overtook things, and left everyone wondering just what happened. Greater control and responsibility was needed. If your question was about a relationship, then either you or the other person feel very confused about things. Like all of the court cards, this card can refer to you, or someone else in your life.

Present - Ace of Swords

The Ace of Swords seems to appear out of nowhere. The hand in the clouds glows with power, and raises the sword firmly toward the heavens. At the top of the sword is a crown, decorated with the garlands of victory. However, the landscape is bare, an indication of just how cold logic and reason can be. Like all Aces, the Ace of Swords indicates potential. This ace in particular resonates with thought and intellect. The present position reveals to you a pivotal influence in the here and now, and what actions may be necessary for you to start to change things. You cannot alter what has already happened, but by taking immediate action, you can start to mold the future, and change the potential outcome of the events that the past set in motion. The Ace of Swords reveals that you're in a situation that is ambiguous at best. It's time to cut through what's not working, so that new ideas and concepts can be found, and a new path followed. There may be deception that needs uncovering. Logic and rationality need to overrule any emotional attachment.

Future - The Emperor

Ooh, he does look stern, sitting there on his throne, doesn't he? He brings that element of control into your reading, too, showing you that some discipline is needed. This energy can be very patriarchal, though, very assertive. It's not always easy to get the balance between control and freedom right, is it? The future position reveals to you a critical element about what's yet to come. To understand it you need to carefully examine the previous cards. You cannot change the past, but by analyzing it and then taking action in the here and now, you can change the course of your destiny. This card shows you the potential of the situation, so that you can best know what to do next to make things happen to get your desired results or to bring about necessary changes to avoid repercussions. The Emperor indicates that you're going to be tempted to follow your instincts or your intuition, rather than seeking the facts. You'll need stability, you'll need more discipline than you'll want to apply. This will be a time for certainty, not speculation. Are you going to blow it?