4 Ways Crystal Healing Can Improve Your Life Today

Posted on March 26, 2016
Updated on June 25, 2020

We are going to talk about another tool to put in your toolbox today friends, and this is one you can use in conjunction with your astrology answers and divination tools for healing, and to begin improving your life today, no matter what zodiac sign you are.

And with eclipse season in full swing, healing crystals are very helpful to use in conjunction with your eclipse horoscopes to just feel better in an instant. This time around we are talking about the magical properties of healing crystals, and how to use them. This is another one of those tools that are often not used alone but is often used with meditation, Reiki, astrology, numerology, chakra healing, auras, physical healing, any healing art actually. Even the Tarot!

You can use these on their own, or with one of these other arts or tools in your toolbox. If you know about crystals and crystal healing, then you will already be a little bit familiar with how different energy patterns work in the world of spiritual and metaphysical healing. And if you don’t, use today’s crystal healing primer to begin improving your life today with the magic of healing crystals.

All it takes is a pocket full of the crystals that speak to you, and you can get those in any New Age store. And you don’t need to break the bank either. A pocket full of your favorite crystals can be as little as twenty dollars if you find the right ones.

There are many reasons to use healing crystals as well, and they have literally been used for centuries for a number of purposes and powers.

Today healing crystals are used still by those that are considered healers all over the world. Here we will talk about some of the most common questions about healing crystals, and give you a few practical tips on how to use healing crystals every day on your path to healing, to improve your life today, and to make the most out of all of the Astrology Answers we bring to you every day.

What do healing crystals look like?

Healing crystals look exactly like they sound. There is no one size for healing crystals, they are all in different sizes, and usually in different shapes. They can be big, or small, short, round, or even come on a chain, earrings, or even a candle. They are either short or long, and cylinder in shape, and are often smooth, but you will see faceted ones as well. You will see wide wands, narrow ones, some are tapered at the end, and some are not.

Some are just stones and some are created into magical forms. There is no wrong size of crystals for crystal healing, so long as it speaks to you. Most of them will be made of crystal, or come with crystals attached. While every crystal has its own form and function, all of them do the same thing, crystal healing. And this is a form of crystal healing that can improve your life today if you are using them properly.

What are healing crystals used for?

Healing crystals are used for a variety of different reasons. You can use them to heal an area of your body that is wounded, sore, or simply in need of healing. If your chakras are out of balance you can also use healing crystals to help align your 7 chakras during a meditation session or in a healing session itself.

Auras are also greatly benefited by the use of healing crystals. You can cleanse your aura, or even someone else’s, with a cleansed healing crystal and find an immediate sense of peace and relief as you do so. Other healing arts that healing crystals are used for include massage, reflexology, and some women even use them during facials!

How do you use healing crystals?

There is no wrong way to use your healing crystal! However, you choose to use yours is the method that will work best with you. We want to remind you to make sure they are cleansed and charged in the same way you would charge your pendulum divination tool, as we discussed in the divination tool series. It’s always wise to try out a few different methods to find the one that is most comfortable with you, which will allow you to get the most out of your healing crystal. The most important step in using a healing crystal is to follow what your intuition and gut is telling you as you use it.

Healing crystals are ripe with energy and vibrations and will point you to the area that needs healing the most. Even if that is not the area you are most concerned with! Often times our physical healing is blocked because of an area of health that we are not aware of. If your healing crystal points you to something that confuses you, take care of that area first, and you may find the healing pervades to other areas!

Listen and use the vibrations and energy of your healing crystals, and as you do, you will become one with it and find more and more healing every day and every time you use it! Here are a few methods to get you started with your healing crystal.

1. Physical healing.

If you are using your healing crystals for physical healing of a wound, ache, or pain, start by holding your crystals over the area of affliction. You do not need to actually touch the area with your crystals, but you can if you want. Even if you don’t however, your healing crystals have energy vibrations that do all of the work for you. Ensure that the point of the healing crystal is pointed away, as this channels the energy from the Universe through the wand and to the affected area. As you do so, imagine the crystal drawing out the toxins and negativity from your body and from the affected area.

Some people like to draw a circle or wave the crystal in the area in question. A small mantra, prayer, or blessing can be incorporated into this ritual as well. There is no wrong way to use your healing crystals. We do need to remind you to follow your doctor’s orders though. Crystal healing is by no means a replacement for other forms of healing. Consider it the equivalent of having a magical cup of hot tea when you have the flu. You still need to take medicine, but the hot tea makes you feel better and improved right away. And the best part is that you can feel better with crystal healing even faster than it will take you to make that cup of tea.

2. Release negative energy.

One very useful purpose of healing crystals is their ability to draw out negative energy from your body. For this, you do the opposite method described above. Point the tip of the crystal towards your body, and as you do, meditate on all of the negative things happening inside you. Are they fears? Are they worries? Is it anxiety, depression, or even a migraine? Meditate on the crystal drawing out and pulling out negativity and pain. Again, speak your intentions if you like as you do so.

3. Cleanse auras and the 7 chakras.

Healing crystals are very useful in cleansing auras and aligning chakras. It is best to do this when you are lying down. You can begin in any area of your body as you do, and wave or hold your crystal horizontally over your body. Move it slowly over your body and as you do, pay close attention to any moments if the healing crystal begins to vibrate. These are areas of the attention your crystal is pointing to you, and you want to spend more time on these areas. Do so on your entire body until you don’t feel the healing crystal vibrating anymore. Your aura is now cleansed and blessed for a fabulous day!

4. Enhance intuition.

The power of healing crystals is the power of the combined energy fields of the universe, along with the energy of your own psychic potential and intuition. Your intuition plays a huge role in how powerful your healing crystal is. You can use your healing wand to enhance your intuition and create even more psychic potential for you. To do so, work with your crown chakra or your third eye chakra.

Your third eye chakra center is located in between your two eyes, and your crown chakra is at the top of your head. Lying down is best for this exercise as well. Point the healing crystal to the chakra in question, and imagine positive energy and white light flowing in and around you.

You can also visualize colors such as violet, white, and indigo, and visualize your healing crystals channeling these colors and their vibrations into your chakra center. If your crystal begins to vibrate lightly, then you are doing it right! Do so until it stops vibrating and you will begin to feel more at one with Universe. For your crown chakra, you can also wave the crystal gently over your crown in a clockwise motion to move the energy centers and vibrations around.

And that’s it my friends! When it comes to having tools in your toolbox for enlightenment, healing, and a toxicity free life, you definitely want to have healing crystals in your toolbox along with all of the astrology answers you use every day. Especially during the intense eclipse cycle, we are in right now. And all zodiac signs can enjoy these benefits. Whether you use crystal healing to cleanse auras, heighten chakras, or maximize your psychic potential, you will find that your life is improved almost instantly, and you will experience a more fulfilled and blessed daily living as a result. Have you ever used healing crystals? What was your experience? Are you interested in using healing crystals? What area of your spiritual growth do you think it will help the most?

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