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Use Venus in Virgo to Heal Communications in Romantic Relationships

Venus is entering Virgo, and you might be wondering what to expect. Venus is the planet that affects how and in what way we show... Read More »

New Romance? Avoid Making Them Crabby Using Their Zodiac Sign

There’s nothing quite like falling into a new romance. The early infatuation, the long conversations late into the night as you slowly peel back... Read More »

Your Relationship Style: Cancer

Cancer, you are the sensitive, gentle, and somewhat shy 4th sign of the Zodiac. Just like your crab counterpart, when you feel hurt or slighted,... Read More »

New Moon in Gemini Sparks Twin Flames: Plant Seeds of Change

It′s New Moon time again, and we have another exciting one upon us. With a New Moon in the zodiac sign of the Twins,... Read More »

What Each Sign in The 7th House Means for Your Relationships

You may be familiar with your “sign” - that refers to your sun sign, which is determined by your date of birth. But that’s... Read More »

Your Relationship Style: Gemini

Gemini, you are the energetic, communicative, and freedom-loving 3rd sign of the zodiac, always up for a good chat and ever inspired to learn as... Read More »

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle – Star Crossed Lovers?

The hills are alive with the sound of royal wedding bells! Two lovers from distant lands that one day made a fated connection; and now,... Read More »

Your Relationship Style: Taurus

Taurus, you are the steady-handed, even-keeled, security driven 2nd sign of the zodiac, ever mindful of money, and willing to do whatever it takes to... Read More »

Venus Enters Gemini: What are the Top 5 Soulmate Signs?

Woot woot! Venus enters the twin sign of Gemini, so let’s get this party started! There is literally no better time to get answers... Read More »

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