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The Best Times to Meet Your Soul Mate: Love-Charged Transits of 2019

It’s another year, another fresh page, another tabula rasa of new beginnings! Are you single and ready to mingle? Every new year presents exciting opportunities and breathes fresh… Read More »

Love Astrology: Jupiter & Venus in Sagittarius Means Luck in Love for All Zodiac Signs

When it comes to love, we can all use a little bit of extra luck, no? Everybody does, regardless of their current relationship status. Everybody does, regardless of “how perfect” … Read More »

Love Compatibility: Which Chinese Zodiac Sign Is Your Match?

We are all destined to get lucky with a little something-something in love this month. When you use astrology for answers, you will win every time. Given that Chinese New Year is … Read More »

Your Love Horoscope for Today & The Year Ahead

It’s nearly the new year, and many of us are asking the same question: Will love and life be happy this year? Romance and love are the biggest things we all are thinking about at … Read More »

8 Ways to Show Your Capricorn Partner the Love Today

Are you trying to show love to your favourite Capricorn today? Loving a Capricorn is a lot different than loving other signs and the things they like might confuse you if you don’… Read More »

10 Things to Expect When Dating a Scorpio

If there’s one sign that can really confuse you, it’s certainly Scorpio! If you’re dating a Scorpio, you probably already know this! The good news is that you can use astrology to… Read More »

Beneficial Thought: Venus Direct in Libra - Creating Harmony to Bump Relationships to the Next Level

Time for some sweet lovin’, friends! We have Venus switching direction and ready to take on some forward action in one of her home signs. Lover and money planet Venus rules the zo… Read More »

Navigating the Holidays with Your New Beau: Is It Written In the Stars For You?

Whether or not you’re going into the holidays in a brand new relationship, the holidays and the family time that comes with them can be rather stress-inducing. Well, we’re here to… Read More »

Mars in Pisces Love Horoscopes - Love Sizzles When Fire Meets Water

Hello Earthlings! Are you ready to see some change on the love horizon? The Universe has left us with some pretty heavy transits of late, and the remainder of the year is now in f… Read More »

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