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Why Your Daily Love Horoscope is About More than Your Sex Life

If you have felt like you’re a slave to thinking about your relationship or lack there of, love and compatibility astrology might not seem helpful. However, we’re about to show yo… Read More »

Beneficial Thought: How to Heal Your Heart Chakra with Self-Care

We all need a little more love in our lives, and there are times when we need a little bit more than usual. Everybody has good days and bad days, and you are entitled to both. The… Read More »

What Sex Position Are You, Based on Your Sign?

Looking for some inspiration when it comes to your bedroom moves? Surprisingly, in this new world of readily available – well – everything, many of us still don't have a lot of id… Read More »

Beneficial Thought: 5 Simple Ways to Create Peace & Harmony in Your Relationships

Relationships are difficult, so if you are looking for an easy way to manage them or just be happier in them, look no further. With the Sun in Leo, we are entering a period of sel… Read More »

Beneficial Thought: Lovers in a Dangerous Time - Mercury Retrograde & Soulmates

Summer is in full bloom! For many Earthlings, the hills are alive with the sound of music and excitement as we make the most of the Sun and reconnect with nature at its finest and… Read More »

Your Relationship Style: Leo

Leo, you are the playful, generous and childlike 5th sign of the zodiac. You are a fixed fire sign, meaning you are tenacious and willing to work hard for what you want, but you c… Read More »

Use Venus in Virgo to Heal Communications in Romantic Relationships

Venus is entering Virgo, and you might be wondering what to expect. Venus is the planet that affects how and in what way we show our love to others, while Virgo is ruled by Mercur… Read More »

New Romance? Avoid Making Them Crabby Using Their Zodiac Sign

There’s nothing quite like falling into a new romance. The early infatuation, the long conversations late into the night as you slowly peel back the layers… of each other’s person… Read More »

Your Relationship Style: Cancer

Cancer, you are the sensitive, gentle, and somewhat shy 4th sign of the Zodiac. Just like your crab counterpart, when you feel hurt or slighted, you crawl into your protective she… Read More »

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