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Nov 17, 2019 - There is love energy for you in the air today, Aquarius, and this could throw you off a little bit today. You like rational logic and pragmatic events, and today, those aren't in abundance. Don't try and pretend the feelings aren't there today, Aquarius. Instead, go with this flow, and see where this magic takes you. Leo Moon in your seventh relationship house has some surprises.

It could even be that someone is trying to guilt trip you into something, another big reason why you shouldn’t cater to guilty urges today. Not everything is as it seems today. You probably don’t even need to feel bad for starters, and if they are playing a game with you to get it, then you are only putting yourself out for nothing because you know better than that.

But the Leo Moon in your seventh house of partnerships should have you feeling good today. Follow those feelings, because there is definitely enough love in the air for you to squash any negative feelings that come your way today.

What surprises are you hoping for?

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