Aquarius Daily Horoscope:

May 16, 2021 - You’ve got a pleasant day ahead of you, Aquarius, and no one can deny your positive attitude. The intuitive Moon is moving through Cancer and your systematic 6th House of daily work and routine, where it will spend the day forming a harmonious beam to the primal Sun, currently touring Taurus and your emotional 4th House of home and family.

This transit encourages you to mine the ladies in your life for advice and opportunities. If there is a woman whose professional savvy you admire then reach out for some words of wisdom; you never know what things could lead to and under today’s auspicious stars it’s more than possible she might offer up a new opportunity alongside her verbal advice.

You’ve never been the kind to shy away from knowledge, Aquarius, so take today to really mine the people in your life and see what nuggets of gold you can take away from your efforts.

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