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Seeing Repeating Numbers Everywhere? Decode Their Hidden Message with Numerology

Have you ever seen the same numbers, over and over again? It seems like it’s everywhere. Maybe it’s always 1:11 when you look at the clock, or 222 seems to pop up on every buildin… Read More »

Heart’s Desire vs. Hidden Passion Number - Learn the Difference

Ever wondered what you were meant to do in this lifetime? Or did you ever wonder what you LOVE to do or are passionate about? We all know the things we love and love to do. But we… Read More »

Numerology & the Number 6: What June Means

It’s here! The halfway mark of the year! We are in the sixth month of the year, and this brings with it a lot of emotions and angst. On the one hand, we are happy to see many cycl… Read More »

Love Adds Up with Numerology: Your Heart’s Desire Number

Few things are more enthralling than the first blush of new love. Spending time together, getting to know each other, forming a connection - these all make the early days of a rel… Read More »

Numerology: The Difference Between Your Life Path Number & Your Personality Number

When it comes to gaining a deeper understanding of ourselves, our gifts and challenges, and forecasting future events, numerology can reveal hidden answers to the biggest question… Read More »

Numerology & The Number 5: What May Means

Everything is connected. To every element in our daily lives, we can attribute both an astrological component and a numerical component. In many cases, numbers consume more of our… Read More »

Numerology & the Number 4: What April Means

Happy April! Are you enjoying the fresh scent of Spring? It’s a busy time of year now. As we watch the blossom babies poking their noses out of Mother Earth, we are also bouncing … Read More »

Numerology & the Number 3: What March Means

Happy March! This is an exciting time of year. In the Northern Hemisphere - we have Winter coming to an end and the excitement of Spring blossoms and blessings. Meanwhile, the Sou… Read More »

Can Numerology Predict Love Compatibility?

How many of you have checked today’s love horoscope? Let me guess, you’ve also checked your partner’s right? Questions about love compatibility rank among the most searched within… Read More »

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