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Numerology & the Number 4: What April Means

Happy April! Are you enjoying the fresh scent of Spring? It’s a busy time of year now. As we watch the blossom babies poking their noses out of Mother Earth, we are also bouncing … Read More »

Numerology & the Number 3: What March Means

Happy March! This is an exciting time of year. In the Northern Hemisphere - we have Winter coming to an end and the excitement of Spring blossoms and blessings. Meanwhile, the Sou… Read More »

Can Numerology Predict Love Compatibility?

How many of you have checked today’s love horoscope? Let me guess, you’ve also checked your partner’s right? Questions about love compatibility rank among the most searched within… Read More »

How Numerology Can Help You Set Your Goals

The system of numerology is similar to astrology, but instead helps reveal the patterns that exist in our life using numbers. There is a wealth of inner wisdom that can be unlocke… Read More »

Numerology & the Number 2: What February Means

Can you believe we are in the second month of 2019 already? That means we only have ten months and change left to go on our 2019 goals. No pressure! No, really. No pressure at all… Read More »

Ways to Use Your Life Path Number for Success

At the moment you were born, your soul took on certain personality traits that make you unique, and aligning your life to them helps you find success and enjoy what you do. Using … Read More »

Numerology & the Number 1: What January Means

Happy New Year! This is a wonderful time of year because January represents so many possibilities for wonderful new beginnings. We’ve just completed a hectic cycle of the holidays… Read More »

Beneficial Thought: 2019 Numerology & the Year of the Earth Pig

We are in a dichotomy of energies right now, friends. We are wrapping up one year and preparing to look ahead to another. And in the New Age world, that means we have a lot of too… Read More »

Numerology & the Number 12: What December Means

Happy December, Earthlings! How are you feeling this time of year? We often experience a back and forth between two extremes once we enter the twelfth month of the year. On the on… Read More »

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