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Feb 17, 2020 - You are in for a productive day, Cancer. Let the Sagittarius Moon in your sixth house of work help you to see the big picture on the work front today, and remove any unwanted weight from your plate if you are overwhelmed. Find a routine that eases that up for you today, it won’t be a loss.

This energy will shine a light on anything that is not in your best interests today, and you should get this news via communication in some way today. You are just trying to find a solution that works best for everyone, and that’s because the home is the reason you work so hard in the first place.

Finding ways to work smarter and not harder will help you enjoy the optimistic and lucky energy of the Sagittarius Moon today, Cancer.

What routines are you working on, Cancer?

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Daily Tarot Reading

The Magician

The Magician

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Daily Gemstone & Crystal Reading

Golden Tigers Eye

Golden Tigers Eye

If we are looking to motivate ourselves to make a change or a commitment, or are feeling depressed and self-critical, working with or keeping Golden Tigers Eye near can provide protection and help us to find some sense of balance. For Leos and Capricorns, it can be especially helpful, with its properties of creativity and eveb with physical issues relating to the bones, throat or eyes. "I am… Read More »

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