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Dec 01, 2020 - As potent lunar eclipse energy continues to linger, this is a time to make promises to yourself on a soul level and look at all your options for the coming future, Cancer. What financial choices lay before you? How can you manifest something new in this area?

It’s a powerful time for releasing setbacks and negative feelings. What issues of your finances are causing you stress? You are able to view things from a new perspective today so go inwards to listen to your inner voice.

This is a powerful time for manifestation and you are encouraged to merge your material world with your spiritual one. What changes can you make at this time, Cancer?

Dec 02, 2020 - Today brings the chance to concentrate on your sense of self, Cancer, as the Moon is in your sign and enhancing your creative energy.

It is a good time to focus on your relationship with money and how it makes you feel. Is it having a negative impact on you or a positive one? Sometimes it is necessary to dig deep in order to find resolutions to troubles you have.

Spend time among nature as this is highly therapeutic for you and can help you find greater clarity within. Shut out the outside noise for a while and listen to your intuition. What is it trying to tell you?

Dec 03, 2020 - With the Moon in your sign this is a powerful time for going inwards and assessing your personal relationship with money, Cancer.

It’s important to pay attention to thoughts or feelings which may be controlling your attitude towards finances. Do you feel that you have a healthy relationship with your financial world? Or are there improvements you can make?

Take time today to unwind and have a conversation with yourself. You may receive some positive news regarding finances at this time or an idea of yours may come to fruition. Think positive and take time to analyze today.

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