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Jul 05, 2022 - This lunar energy is bringing plenty of fresh ideas with it and encouraging you to focus on the things that drive and motivate you, Cancer.

Your desire to get moving with things could result in a hash of unfinished projects, leaving you feeling a little zoned out if you're not well-balanced within though.

So balance is key today and where finances are concerned, it's important to have some kind of plan in place so that you know what you're able to get done and in how much amount of time.

Take time to plan and prepare - the more you organize yourself, the more productive you will be, Cancer.

Jul 06, 2022 - This Libra Moon encourages you to think of new ways of managing your finances to bring yourself greater emotional balance, Cancer. This can include brainstorming or discussing your plans with others - you never know what ideas you will stumble upon.

Take note of any repetitive thoughts in your mind. There is a concern within you that needs addressing so slow down today and take time to plan and prepare, Cancer.

Walks among nature can help clear your head and remind you of what matters most to you. Trust in yourself and believe in the strength of your abilities!

Jul 07, 2022 - With the Moon in Libra, you are called to go inwards and really listen to your inner self, Cancer.

This is a time of deep introspection and this lunar energy will clearly show where you are living your life by your own needs and where you may be living life by the needs of others.

Balance is crucial and if you feel your finances are suffering as a result of imbalance in your life, this is the time to understand everything at a deeper level so that you can move forward with greater confidence and wisdom, Cancer.

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