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Nov 15, 2019 - It’s okay to be a little open-hearted today, Libra, although that is something you normally shy from. Don’t do that today. Follow the heart with the Cancer Moon in your tenth house of public image, and you could see some really amazing things happen today, especially in the way of career.

At the same time, you are dealing with these emotions, it’s also going to be a very busy work day for you. This kind of transit will really help you to be seen in the public eye in a positive way. All of your good vibes are manifesting into real miracles today, if you open that heart. You want to be careful about communication that comes your way today that isn’t exactly as it seems.

You want to be the positive and happy one today, and remember that Jupiter is still in your corner. Do unto others today, Libra, and you will gain some real fans.

How will you open your heart, Libra?

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When the Temperance card appears in your day, the message is one of balance. You also should expect to see some harmony in your life over the situation at hand. A little bit of big picture reflection is a good idea when you see this card, as this card embodies the spirit of the Mutable Fire Sign… Read More »

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Especially helpful for those under the signs of Cancer and Leo, Carnelian helps with emotional issues such as anger and rage and can even help if we are feeling delusional. "I have inner joy and peace," is Carnelian's affirmation, and can help us get from a place of negativity to a place of acceptance and happiness. This could be a very helpful crystal when dealing with a broken heart and when wor… Read More »

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