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Jan 28, 2020 - There is a lot of love in the air for you today, Libra, especially in the area of work. The Moon in Water sign Pisces has opened up feelings in a grand way today, and you will see this in the area of work and routine. This is not a rational day for you, so trying to rationalize through the day’s events could frustrate you.

Instead, follow your heart today. As the zodiac sign that embodies and inspires harmony, you can create that in the smallest details today. Luck will have a lovely way of finding you if you follow harmony, no matter what today. Chances are, a chance event is going to make you smile big today. But you can also make some gains today by being someone else’s chance event too!

So wherever you go today, don’t let drama interfere with any experience. Channel your inner diplomat and peace keeper and help humans around you find some common ground.

How will you do that, Libra?

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