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Jun 27, 2019 - You have the Moon in Taurus in your eighth house of shared resources today, so practical matters will be a focus. A sharing matter will come to completion today, or over the next few days. You are also taking a slow and steady approach to this, and you will make some gains.

The changes you make now will be good for the long-term. This is a time when money or partnerships matters begin to fall together in a balanced way, if you plan your cards right.
Mercury enters Leo today and your eleventh house of groups and friendships. Social communications feel good!

You may get some news in writing today that makes you feel good about this prospect and begins to loosen up some reins in the budget for you. That's never bad news for you, Libra! Stay practical and real in your Moon wishes today, and you will get exactly what you are hoping for in the name of sharing and resources.

What resources or secrets are you working with, Libra?

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Page of Wands

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