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For the Week of: April 06 - April 12

Apr 06, 2020 - You get to put yourself and your desires front and center this week, Libra, which is something your giving sign doesn’t do quite as often as it should. You’re very good at telling others how to go about things while you operate from behind the scenes with a headset on, but this time you need to find your place in the spotlight. Things kick off with a bang on Tuesday the 7th with a powerful Full Moon occurring in YOUR sign. This is one of the most potent times of the year for you, so you have cosmic clearance to go after pretty much anything your heart desires at the moment. Whatever it is, put it out into the universe and I’m sure the universe will answer your call. The only caveat is that this Full Moon will be forming a confusing angle to fantastical Neptune, so remember not to stray too far from the path of reality in your search for satisfaction. Not all that glitters is gold.

That being said, today isn’t going to be all about this powerful Full Moon, as much of a showstopper as it might be. The skies are extremely busy this day, practically fitting an entire week’s worth of alignments into less than 24 hours. Throughout the day messenger Mercury will be reaching out from Pisces and your 6th House of work and wellness and forming a pair of positive alignments with Jupiter and Pluto, both currently hanging out in your 4th House of home and family. You could find yourself experiencing a wonderful sense of positivity under this alignment, or perhaps having a very cathartic moment with a family member. Since your home is so specially lit up right now, and since so many of us are stuck at home right now, try to find a way to really enjoy the fact you can’t move around as usual. Yes, it isn’t exactly easy, but there is a silver lining to every situation and today it will be shining through.

That being said, a relationship might be screaming out for your attention today, but it won’t be a familial one. Mars, the planet of passion and action, is currently hanging out in your fun-loving 5th House of creativity and romance, and while this sounds like fun and games, today it will be reaching out across the sky to form a difficult angle with rebellious Uranus in Taurus and your intense 8th House of soul-bonding. It might be extremely difficult to find an easy balance between the personal and the public, or perhaps a relationship hits a hitch as you try to figure out exactly what each of you want. Your desire to be yourself could be rather difficult to combine with your desire to be part of a couple, Libra.

Relationships will gain a bit of balance on the 11th as Mercury wings into Aries and your 7th House of relationships for two weeks. Expect a bit more give where there were only blockages before. Your time is coming, Libra, so be patient.

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