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For the Week of: June 29 - July 05

Jun 29, 2020 - Matters of the heart have slowly yet surely been moving towards your universal program ever since karmic Saturn moved into Aquarius earlier this year. The sign of the Water-Bearer just so happens to rule over your 5th House of romance, creativity, and passion, so this initial phase would have been your first taste in the crash-course Saturn will be offering you. Over the next three years or so you will go through many trials which allow you to feel more comfortable in expressing your artistic side on a more public level, as well as more comfortable in your romantic life; yes, Libras are known for having a way with people, but every one of us still has one lesson to learn or another about how we engage in romance. The 5th House deals with the lighter side of love like dating and flings, while the 7th and 8th deal with more serious matters like marriage and deep soul bonding, so those aren’t quite on the table, but it doesn’t matter much this week as Saturn retrogrades out of Aquarius and reenters Capricorn and your foundational 4th House of home and family for one last visit. Over the last few years you were probably put through the ringer when it came to these matters, and whether it was dealing with inherited karma or fresh issues popping up that brought you together, there was probably quite a bit of learning and healing that needed to be done before you and your loved ones could move on to calmer waters. Now, however, with Saturn backing up into this realm you might need to double-check on a few things to make sure everyone is simpatico. Saturn will be retrograde until September, so it is rather unlikely you’ll be dealing with new issues in this realm, but the major point is you have until the end of the year when Saturn will reenter Aquarius to put these issues to bed, so roll up your sleeves and do what needs to be done.

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