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For the Week of: June 27 - July 03

Jun 27, 2022 - You get to aim high this week, Libra, especially on the 28th when the New Moon in Cancer illuminates the heavens and your 10th House of professional goals and long-term ambitions. This will offer you up a chance to make some major changes to your career path, so if you feel like you’ve been spinning your wheels it is time to finally start taking back control and gaining some ground. Whether you’re already on the road to where you want to be or you’re just starting out, this is a terrific time to get serious about your goals and start pursuing them to the best of your ability. Make a list of things you would like to achieve and by the time the Cancer Full Moon arrives in six months’ time you could be in a whole new stratosphere.

On this same day, your ruler Venus in Gemini and your boundless 9th House will form a beautiful and harmonious sextile with abundant Jupiter in Aries and your partnership sector. If there is anyone special in your life, or if you’re part of a couple, then you could have a really beautiful day with one another, but if you’re single then this is also a great time to hop on an app and do some swiping. Jupiter will be in this sector of your chart until next spring, so you’ll have him helping you out for the foreseeable future.

Come Friday there will be a cosmic dust up across your emotional and people sectors. Action planet Mars is currently spinning through Aries, and on the 1st he will form a powerful square with nefarious Pluto in Capricorn. Mars is in your relationship zone, while Pluto is in your family and feels zone, so there is a good chance someone could push your buttons whether you like it or not, and chances are that you will feel those buttons especially strongly. Try to step back from any situations you know will only breed difficulty for you; instead of being your usual social butterfly self, just focus on you and your needs for the time being, then approach people again under sunnier skies.

Only the next day, the skies witness a powerful alignment between messenger Mercury in Gemini and sober Saturn in Aquarius and your 5th House of romance, passion, and creativity. A chance to express yourself could wing its way to you from far-away, so if you’ve got any artistic projects on the backburner now is the time to move them into the heat. Likewise, if you’re dating you could meet someone who has the ability to go the distance with you, while couples can count on having a day with their loved one that is both romantic yet also stabilizing, so if your relationship could use a bit of work, now is the perfect time.

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