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For the Week of: January 11 - January 17

Jan 11, 2021 - This is a week of fundamental shifts and changes for you, Libra, so you might as well accept that now and get ready to go through a bit of a wormhole; there will be a light on the other end of it, but you’ve got to go through some potent alignments before you can get there. That being said, not all of these alignments will be difficult, but they will be strong, so do your best to keep your cool throughout the days ahead. This extreme energy will be underlined by a beautiful New Moon in Capricorn and your foundational 4th House on the 13th, setting off a whole new cycle of nesting and emotional connecting that is sure to give you all the feels. Yes, it is likely you’ve spent much of the last year or so close to home, but this lunation marks a chance to freshen things up and make you feel a little more at home, if you will. Pluto will be forming a harmonious angle to this Moon, so there is a strong chance you can take whatever is brought to you now and bring it into your future for years to come.

The very next day the Sun will make its annual conjunction with Pluto, setting off what is normally one of the most powerful days of the year; this could bring some shake-ups to your home environment, or perhaps you find yourself asserting yourself in more powerful ways than ever before, but the energy will be more complicated than normal because action planet Mars in Taurus and your intimacy sector will be forming a tense square to karmic Saturn in your creativity and romance sector, so you might feel as though your life is just one step forward, two steps back, or like you simply can’t figure out whether you’re supposed to be showing off or hiding away. To top it off, Uranus will also be waking up after spending the last five months asleep in Taurus, throwing more than a few wrenches in your finances and shared resources. If it has been very difficult to keep track of credit cards and various other bills, that should begin to ease up, but don’t take this as cosmic license to start charging everything without consideration.

You’ll need to be especially careful of this when Uranus forms a tense square with Jupiter in Aquarius on the 5th; instead of throwing you off course like the Mars-Saturn square, this could put rocket fuel in your tank, which is great provided you don’t blast off into unknown territory that leaves you reeling. It’s easy to overdo things right now, so make a point to put yourself on a leash, one way or another. Excitement and confidence are one thing, but foolhardiness is another, entirely.

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