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Apr 15, 2021 - Lock the door and throw away the key, Libra. For the next three weeks sensual Venus is touring your sexy and intimate 8th House, which is one of the steamiest transits the zodiac has to offer. The 8th House is a lot like a phoenix, where our most natural urges get transformed by our own inner fire and are then reborn as something even more powerful.

For you this means showing off your most intimate side, something your private sign isn’t always thrilled about doing. Be that as it may, the more walls and barriers you break down during this transit, the sexier you will feel. If you need a little help getting in the mood how about treating yourself to some new lingerie or even a few toys to liven up private time?

Venus wants to enjoy herself wherever she goes, so trust that this tour has all the potential to leave you on Cloud 9.

Apr 16, 2021 - This is a really fabulous day to enjoy yourself with someone special, so don’t waste this opportunity because it would be a real shame. Yes, it may very well be a work day but frankly if you can get away with playing hookie then I would say go for it.

The intuitive Moon is moving through Gemini and your adventurous 9th House and throughout the day she’ll form harmonious angles to nearly half the solar system in the skies above. You’re normally so buttoned up and so put together but right now the planets really want you to dive into something more exciting than usual, and you have Saturn in your romance sector wanting you to capitalize on this cosmic sensuality.

Don’t be the wallflower today, Libra; there’s bigger and better roles calling your name.

Apr 17, 2021 - This is a rather unusual day in more than one way, Libra, and while that’s not to say you won’t enjoy yourself it might be a little hard to get a read on exactly where your priorities lie right now.

What with it being Saturday, you’re probably in a restful mode there’s nothing wrong with that, but a galvanizing angle between sex god Mars and messenger Mercury could wind up pulling you out into the world–and into a lover’s embrace–when you least expect it.

Since Mercury is wrapping up a tour in your partnership zone it wouldn’t be one bit surprising if the people you’re with is someone from your past who maybe didn’t quite make the cut the first time around. People change; see if you’ve changed enough as well to go down this garden path.

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