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Feb 16, 2019 - The psychic energy is very high today, Pisces, and you are also feeling very romantic with the Cancer Moon in your fifth house of pleasures and entertainment. You may also be feeling very connected with your children today, or with children in general. If you are feeling a little moody today, spending time with children in a way that nurtures them, will also nurture your soul. Tending to that side of your personal self will also help you feel nurtured and uplifted today. The more carefree you are in your activities today, Pisces, from a heart centred place, the more you will feel uplifted today. You may also feel a little more clingy and needy and your romantic relationships than you usually do, and may seek ways to improve your sense of security today. What fun is on your agenda today, Pisces?

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5 of Cups

5 of Cups

When the 5 of cups appears in a reading, you are being met with a disappointment of some sort. This is not the kind of disappointment that is going to change your life. But rather, one that may create sadness in the day. Maybe someone has disappointed you, or you did not get a work bonus or… Read More »

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"I am proud of who I am," is the affirmation of Sunstone, a crystal known to help us find our joy, harmony and happiness after a dark time. Its properties of vitality and empowerment are particularly beneficial for those under the signs of Leo and Libra, both of whom rely on their good humor and ability to find joy in life. Sunstone's primary chakra is the Root Chakra, connected to our basic needs… Read More »

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