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For the Week of: March 18 - March 24

Mar 18, 2019 - Happy Spring, Pisces! There is a lot going on for you this week, Pisces, and you will be very busy tending to all areas of your life. Romance is going to be highlighted under this week’s Full Moon in Libra working your eighth house of shared resources. We are also still in Mercury retrograde this week, but you get some extra help in this area this week with two major transits of Spring arriving and a Full Moon week. All of this energy has the potential to create lasting effects for weeks, and that’s why this week could be something really special for you.

As Aries energy officially begins with the launch of Spring, you may also be feeling emotional about this if your income is tied to your personal sense of Self worth. But it is a good period to begin marketing your sense of Self to the world, and you could even make some money from this. Follow your true passions, Pisces, it is what you were meant to do in this lifetime, and it will make you successful.

The week starts off on a bit of a mundane note, like any other Monday, really. The Moon in Leo is in play and is working your sixth house of work and every day details. This is also your house of health, and can even be considered your house of errands. The little things in life need to be tended to early in the week. With a Full Moon on the docket this week you want to spend as much time as you can completing things and bringing issues full circle. Monday is a great day for you to do that with the Leo Moon working your house of logistics.

This energy begins on Wednesday when Sun enters Aries and in your second house of earned income. This transit lasts for a few weeks, so you will be able to use this energy on the work front and maybe even make some more income for your Self. Keep in mind though that this energy will coincide with a Mercury retrograde that is already in effect. That’s not a bad thing.

All that means is that you will have a few weeks to really reflect and review on what has worked well for you in the past, and what can work well for you in the future.

Thursday the conversations turn more serious when the Full Moon in Libra is working your eighth house of shared resources. This Moon is going to bring an issue to a close, and it will likely involve finances, information, or issues related to sharing with a partner. You may also see matters close such as an insurance settlement, or a financial issue that has been in the works awhile. This is nothing new and won’t be a surprise. You’ll be happy with resolutions at this point of the week.

They may not arrive immediately on Thursday, as the Full Moon energy is just peaking on Thursday, and will continue working for a couple of days following. But the information is coming.

Use your words and magic follows. It’s exciting energy to have under Mercury retrograde, and a wonderful way to end a fulfilling week for you. Have a blessed week, Pisces!

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