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For the Week of: January 17 - January 23

Jan 17, 2022 - This week has your name written all over it, Pisces, so get ready to enjoy yourself because the Universe is sending some lovely aspects your way. The week starts off on a very high note with the annual Full Moon in Cancer on the 17th. This Full Moon will be lighting up your fun-loving 5th House of romance, passion, and creativity, so the universe is orienting your sights on all the pleasantries of life. If life has felt a little bit dull lately things should start to pick up pace, and if you’ve got your eye on someone special things could finally begin to move forward. Likewise, singles with an eye to play the field or play for keeps could find some perfect potential partners right now, so get out there and mingle, or hop on an app, whatever works for you! This sector of your chart also rules children, so if that is something on your mind–or something you’d like to avoid–keep in mind this is essentially the astrologically deemed baby-making time for you.

Uranus will wake up on the 18th after spending the last five months rotating backwards through Taurus, making it more than a little difficult to feel at home in your area. Now, however, you’ll be given the chance to stretch your legs and move about more freely, so go on and go for a walk, even if you can’t go very far.

The snooze button is calling your name on the 19th as the Sun wraps up its journey through Capricorn and your outgoing 11th House of social groups and global communications and dives into Aquarius and your sleepy 12th House of the subconscious. For the next four weeks the Universe wants you to focus on weeding out any unnecessary aspects of your life, be they toxic people, negative habits, or anything else that might be holding you back. You need to get rid of these things so that when the Sun blasts into your sign next month you’ll be ready with open arms to receive all the incredible bounty life is planning to bring your way. For now, however, remember that less is more and instead of trying to start new projects, focus on bringing them to completion instead. That’s where your satisfaction will lie for the time being.

The week comes to a close on a special note, as the primal Sun links up with cosmic communicator Mercury, currently winging its way through Aquarius and this same fantastical sector of your chart in retrograde motion on the 23rd. This House is all about the unseen things in our lives, and since these two planets are such driving forces the best way to make use of this alignment would be to flex your creative muscle. Pisces are incredibly versatile creatures, so if there is a writing project, artistic pursuit, or anything else which requires the blessings of the Muse be sure to indulge! These two planets will be entering your sign and your 1st House of self-expression and action in a matter of weeks, but until they do it will be preferable to take the less-traveled path through life.

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