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For the Week of: July 04 - July 10

Jul 04, 2022 - There’s a number of important changes coming your way this week, Pisces, and while you handle change better than most signs, it’s still helpful to be prepared for whatever it is that will indeed come your way. Early on the 5th, Mars leaves Aries and your grounded 2nd House of earned income and material possessions and moves on to Taurus and your expansive 3rd House of local community and communication for the next month and a half. This same sector is also the realm of self-edification, so start looking up ways to improve yourself because by improving yourself you can also improve your net worth; new skills means new things you can charge for. Likewise, if you’ve been feeling rather cut off from people this transit could help get you back in touch with those who mean the most to you, so get ready to get chatting. Lastly, this sector also deals with the written word, so if you’re a writer or engaged in a profession that deals with communication, then you could notice a major uptick in that arena as well.

Now then, Messenger Mercury has spent the last few weeks on his annual tour through Gemini and your foundational 4th House of feelings and family, a highly charged and emotional transit that probably found you dealing with more than one major issue on the home front thanks to the fact that it included an extended retrograde phase. Also on the 5th, however, the mood lifts as Mercury waves goodbye to this sector of your chart and dives into Cancer and your fun-loving 5th House of passion and creativity. Besides romance, this arena rules your artistic pursuits and anything where you get to let your imagination run wild, so don’t be afraid to take an unusual approach to old problems right now. This House rewards courage so take a chance and let the Muse inspire you; your creations could turn out to be worth more than you’d ever expect.

This could be an incredibly enjoyable weekend for you, Pisces, so go ahead and revel in whatever comes your way, because it looks as though the Universe will only be sending you the best it possibly can. Come Sunday, the 10th, the Sun will reach out from Cancer and your 5th House to form a supportive sextile with change-maker Uranus in Taurus and your 3rd House. Since Uranus is the planet of surprise the best bet is to expect the unexpected, but because the alignment between these two is so pleasant, it looks as though you’ll have every reason to receive whatever comes your way with open arms; a lovely opportunity to enjoy yourself with someone special could pop up when you least expect it, or perhaps you find yourself being more creative than usual and people take notice. Whatever it is, you’re sure to have a nice time.

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