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For the Week of: January 27 - February 02

Jan 27, 2020 - It's another week for you to shine, Pisces, as you are coming off of a wonderful week with the glorious New Moon energy working some big changes and closed chapters for you, as well as some new beginnings. You also have the planets beginning to collect in your sign now, and you are so ready for those new chapters.

That energy continues into this week and you should have a very exciting week. This will be another week of new beginnings for you, Pisces! And this will last for several weeks.

On Monday, Venus links up happily with Neptune your ruling planet, also in your sign. This is working your first house of Self. This could be an emotionally heavy day for you, but in the good way. Venus is shining on all you do Monday, and you are working your creative muscle in positively exciting ways.

Some good money news may arrive between Monday and Wednesday when the Moon arrives in Aries and in your second house of income. Expect the unexpected! You may see some out of the blue surprises here, like a bonus or found money. It's all in your favor here.

Between Saturday and Sunday, energy feels bold for you when the Moon enters Taurus and your third house of communication. Take the lead on big love talks, and you can do this for several weeks. It's a very exciting gift for you over the weekend,, so don't be surprised when you feel this impassioned energy shift on Thursday.

Also on Sunday, you have lover Venus working in a happy sextile with Pluto in your first house of Self. Follow the love vibes and you win this one. Change-maker Pluto has some big plans for you.

Follow the love and follow your heart this week, Pisces, it's really your week to shine! And next week this continues! Have a blessed week, Pisces!

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