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For the Week of: January 14 - January 20

Jan 14, 2019 - You've got a little bit of everything going on right now, Pisces, with some fun energy arriving this week regarding your true love, your family, and even some good work energy. A karmic Full Moon arrives next week in your house of work. This is an eclipse event so the next few weeks are going to be very exciting for you on so many levels.

As the planets begin to get closer to your sign and you begin to consider big changes in your life before you celebrate your solar return, you enter a period of reflection first. You experience this week when the Sun enters Aquarius.

But first, some fun before next week's big eclipse event. Mercury and Neptune in your sign work some magic in your house of groups on Monday. Communication feels dreamy, and good, as you spin some creativity in your house of friendships. The Taurus Moon in your communication house over Tuesday and Wednesday sends some emotional communication your way if you put your mind to it
The week continues off with your mind on the home front, Pisces, with the Gemini Moon in your fourth house of roots and foundations over Thursday and Friday. So you will spend this time working on paperwork and correspondence related to matters around the home.

Over Friday and Saturday you have some fun times picking up with the Cancer Moon entering your fifth house of romance and all things pleasurable. So you've got some fun romance ahead at the end of the week. But some energy from the stars picks up steam as you find yourself in the Full Moon eclipse zone at the same time. That eclipse is just two days away at this point, and you are well in the zone for making some Full Moon wishes.

Friday brings a lot of attention as well, as Venus and Mars work some magic in your house of public image. Also a transit between Sun and Uranus will occur in your house of groups. That will send some unexpected events your way to help you put something behind you for good.

By Friday another favorable transit between Mercury and Pluto is going to send communication your way that will help you close that chapter for good. To help you along with that is a Full Moon in Leo with a lunar eclipse in the week that follows that will bring an issue to fulfillment for you.

But you are wrapping up a lot on Friday and Friday could be a heavy day. The Cancer Moon in the remainder of the weekend is soothing and comforting for you.

Come Sunday, you enter that period of reflection when the Sun enters Aquarius, and your twelfth house of endings. You will become obsessed with researching or discovering facts on a current condition, and you will also be obsessed about being a recluse. That's okay. Lean on that angel when you need to in the coming weeks. It's helping and healing as you move through next week's eclipse and some big changes before your own solar return. It's okay to get to the cave this week, and in the weeks ahead, Pisces. Have a blessed week, Pisces!

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