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For the Month of: July 2022

July - Welcome to July, Pisces. Last month, you let go of unhealthy agreements and situations that compromised your value and self-worth. This month, your July 2022 horoscope predicts your life expanding in the best way possible. This expansion will look unfamiliar, but you can trust it is for your highest good. 

On July 1, Mars and mysterious Pluto clash, redirecting your attention to your attitudes toward possessions and money. If you don’t slow down, you could experience a temporary setback. So, it’s important to avoid impulsive spending. Any built-up tension will erupt if not handled in a nurturing manner. You’ll benefit from finding outlets to express your feelings healthily.

Your ruling planet Neptune, recently stationed retrograde and now squares with fiery Mars, causing confusion and slight doubt in your life. You may find yourself sorting through feelings of inadequacy and suppressed anger. Instead, you must focus on the path ahead and hold your dreams high. Don’t get caught in the confusing emotions swirling around you that you need to lose sight of and let go.

Mars brings immense energy on the 5 when entering Taurus; this is a great time to express yourself through the creative arts, like music, painting, writing, or poetry. Mars provides high ambition and passion for expanding your mindset and skills. Yet, there may be periods when you feel sluggish or lack energy. At the same time, Mercury, the messenger, goes into Cancer and centers your thoughts on children, creativity, being bold, and having fun. You are extremely sensitive under this energy, so clear and guard your aura.

Your social life receives extra attention under this month’s Full Moon, as it illuminates your visionary eleventh house. A Full Moon is a mega cosmic spotlight that amplifies hidden areas of your life so that you may break from old limiting energy. In Capricorn, you’ll learn the value of working hard to make your dreams come true. In addition, there’s a strong chance you’ll experience sudden news or shifts in your friendship circle and a deep urge to network or pour yourself into a cause.

Come July 17; romance is on your mind when Venus enters Cancer. And at the same time, the Moon is in your sign. Under this placement, you are charming and playful in your intimate connections or potential hottie. However, love affairs are emotionally deep and can stir up unresolved feelings if you move too fast. 

Personal security is tested on the 19 when Chiron goes retrograde. At the same time, Mercury enters Leo, and you’ll have to revisit your obligations and self-care routine. Don’t lose yourself in work to the point you neglect your needs.

Leo season officially begins on the 22, and as a result, you’ll feel more stable and secure to revitalize your daily routine and get the most out of your time. Don’t focus on what’s bothering you or past energies. There’s a brighter future ahead. Expansion requires your willingness to trust the outcome.

Finally, the month ends with major astrological shifts when Jupiter goes retrograde during the New Moon in Leo. Jupiter retrogrades are periods that call for us push our limits and develop a new view of life. Due to the influence of this transit and the New Moon, money, family values, work, close friends, security in life, spirituality, and romance will come into question.

The New Moon will activate your productive sixth house to help you maintain strength and flexibility. Your wellbeing takes center stage. So, don’t ignore what your body is trying to tell you.

July energy tip, be kind to yourself. The quality of 
your emotional energy influences those around you.

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