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For the Month of: September 2021

Modern Astrology designates the ruler of Pisces as Neptune; therefore, it is important for those who are born under Pisces to stay aware of Neptune transits. September begins with a significant one, with Mars opposing Neptune, on the 2nd. Mars is the plant of action and sometimes can bring heated interactions. Neptune is the planet of spirituality, but also, illusion. When planets oppose one another, is similar to a game of tug-of-war, however, this game involves two celestial bodies. Don’t let this analogy cause you to stress, but when you feel the tension around this day, you will understand what it is a result of. Mars opposing Neptune may cause you to overreact to something that you don’t have all the context for, so the best way to prepare is to consider all the evidence to a case before making a judgment call. Slowing down and not jumping to conclusions is the optimal strategy for this transit.

On the 6th, is a New Moon in Virgo. New Moons are great for setting intentions and being the highly intuitive sign that you are, dear Pisces, you can allow your imagination to lead you to what those intentions could be. However, don’t just imagine them, but also, write them down. By writing them down, you are setting the process in motion for them to come to fruition.

Another wonderful date for dreaming is on the 11th when the Moon in Scorpio will trine Neptune. Trines are synchronistic energies. The Moon is involved in our emotions, and whilst it is in Scorpio, you will find the emotions to be quite deeper. Let the energies of Neptune and the Moon merge and don’t be afraid to let the feeling stir and flow. You might find this exercise of sitting with and feeling the emotions to be quite healing and creative!

There will be a Full Moon in your sign of Pisces on the 20th. Full Moons can bring a conclusion to something in your life, or it may be a time for you to release whatever isn’t serving you. Before the date of this Full Moon, ask yourself if there is something you need to conclude or release in your life. Spend some time meditating on what that might be, and then plan to release it in some ceremonious way on the Full Moon. You will feel immediately lighter after doing so.

Lastly, September concludes with the final Mercury Retrograde of 2021. The best way to handle Mercury Retrograde is to not let all the negative things people say about Retrogrades affect you. If you practice diligence and allow for extra time, you will make it through the Retrograde with flying colors. Additionally, don’t overcommit at this time. Think about the requests before responding, and you will be grateful to yourself for sleeping on the decision.

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