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Feb 21, 2018 - It’s a great day to let your hair down a little bit, Capricorn, as the Taurus Moon in your fifth house of pleasures and entertainment is inviting you to honor your inner child today. Do it! You may even enjoy spending the day with children, but you have to keep your flexible hat on. Taurus Moon has a tendency to be a little stubborn or fixed, and you may come across emotions today that are unmovable. Approach them with a cheery heart under this Moon, and nothing will get you down today. What are you working on today, Cap?

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The Lovers

Tied directly to the zodiac sign Gemini, the Lovers card is often about a big decision at hand. When The Lovers appear in a reading about either work or love, the message is, follow your heart, your instinct is not fooling you at this time. This card says, it is safe to proceed with the decision ...Read More »

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