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Aug 21, 2018 - Well, that was a successful library run or web surfing session. In fact, you've accumulated way more data than you actually need. Now it's the moment of decision. What are you going to use? What matters most? Maybe this is about locking down your wealth or standing up for your rights. Do what works best for you, but be sensitive around others, too. Surely you've learned enough to see that no human is an island. There are no isolated events in a closed system. Open your eyes and heart a little wider to make room for a lot more fairness in life.

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The Emperor

The Emperor

The Emperor is symbolized by the number 4, representing order and structure in your life. He also symbolizes the zodiac sign Aries and could represent an Aries in your life if you see this card in a reading. This card in a reading suggests you are about to realize your goals, or are well in the process… Read More »

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