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May 13, 2021 - You may feel more positive and uplifted than usual today, Capricorn, making it easier for you to lift others up. Being there for someone will fulfill your need to be of service to others today. Try checking on a friend or family member to see how you can help them emotionally.

Amber is considered good luck in relationships and romantic love. Place a piece of amber near you and your partner when talking through things to keep the energy calm and loving.

Greek yogurt contains probiotics, which are good bacteria that increase gut health. For breakfast, try topping a bowl of Greek yogurt with berries and granola today, Capricorn.

May 14, 2021 - This planetary influence may encourage the desire for competition, Capricorn. You wish to assert yourself against forces that feel oppressive, but you may come across as aggressive in doing so. Try crystal healing and chakra work to help you feel more patient and understanding.

Blue quartz is calming and peaceful, lifting the spirits and helping you focus on the positive today. Carry a piece of blue quartz with you for more harmonized energy throughout the day.

Chicken breasts are low in calories but rich in protein, filling your body with energy today. Try preparing blackened or grilled chicken over a Caesar salad for an energizing lunch today, Capricorn.

May 15, 2021 - Feelings of tension and stress are possible today, Capricorn. It’s important to try to find balance and avoid creating conflict in your personal life. Writing and other expressive activities will help you let go of any negative emotions or thoughts today.

Smoky quartz is a grounding stone that will help you relax and trust in yourself today. Place a piece of smoky quartz in a glass of drinking water for 30 minutes to create a healing crystal elixir.

Dried coconut flakes make a tasty snack, and they contain medium-chain fats that may assist with weight loss and brain function. Try having a handful of coconut flakes when you need a sweet treat today, Capricorn.

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