Capricorn Health Horoscope Capricorn

Sep 18, 2019 - Today is a day for going slow and not rushing yourself, Capricorn. You can become uneasy when being rushed and stubbornly dig in your hooves, but today you can rest easy in the universal energies that encourage relaxation and wind-down time.

Keep stress at bay with regularly engaging in activities you enjoy. Try not to let negative thoughts or worry get the better of you; live in the moment!

When you find yourself living more in the present, rather than worrying about the future or past, inner peace naturally finds you. Practicing this every day can lead to greater health and vitality on every level.

Capricorn Health Horoscope Capricorn

Sep 19, 2019 - Try and get plenty of rest time today, Capricorn, as you may have been overdoing it mentally! If so, then pains in the bones and joints may be common as this is the area most affected when you strain yourself mentally or physically. Irritability may also be another factor.

If so, it's time to take a step back and do things that help you relax. Smelling essential oils can be very relaxing for you and taking a hot bath with bath salts can also help soothe you mentally, as well as soothe your muscles.

Eating well is paramount as certain foods can contribute to negative energy and stress; eat leafy green vegetables, mushrooms, passion fruit, mango and quinoa for optimum health benefits at this time.

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