Capricorn Health Horoscope Capricorn

Jun 04, 2020 - Your mood may be darker than usual today, Capricorn, and it may feel like a dark cloud is looming over your head. It’s crucial that you focus your energy on a positive morning routine to encourage balance and harmony throughout the day. Start the day with yoga and meditation to promote harmony.

Ametrine is an optimistic stone that combines the healing of amethyst with the positivity of citrine. Carry a piece of ametrine with you for raised vibrations today.

Sweet potatoes are delicious and healthy, rich in potassium and fiber. Try stuffing a baked sweet potato with walnuts, nutritional yeast, and garlic for a healthy, delicious treat, Capricorn.

Capricorn Health Horoscope Capricorn

Jun 05, 2020 - You could receive flashes of insight today, Capricorn, increasing the importance of paying attention to your thoughts. Carry a notebook with you to write down any brilliant ideas that come to you today. Start your day off with a relaxing bubble bath to help you feel more balanced and harmonized.

Aquamarine is a stone that purifies the spirit and removes negativity from your energetic field. Working with this stone also further enhances cognitive abilities.

Nutritional yeast is delicious and packed with vitamins and minerals that the body needs. Sprinkle nutritional yeast on salads, popcorn, or any savory snack to add flavor and health, Capricorn.

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