Capricorn Money Horoscope Capricorn

Jun 04, 2020 - If anyone understands the importance of building up a strong foundation it would be you, Capricorn. Few signs can see how life is built layer upon layer one step at a time, but you have the sort of clarity and vision that allows you to understand these fundamentally important matters and utilize them to your advantage.

Saturn is moving through your 2nd House of earned income and material possessions for a long-term transit, slowly but surely redifining you connection to the things you own and obtain. Throughout the day he'll link up with the intuitive Moon in Aquarius and your sleepy 12th House of the subconscious.

This is a very dreamy part of your chart, but coupling it with the grounded energy of the 2nd House means you’ll be able to put your most creative inspirations to work for you. You don’t always need to know the ‘why’ of something, Capricorn, so long as it does indeed work.

Capricorn Money Horoscope Capricorn

Jun 05, 2020 - Sometimes in life it can be extremely difficult to tell where exactly you’re going. There are so many places to see, so many people to meet, that between every which way you’ve got to go, finding your own path can be a little difficult.

The thing is you need to follow your own path, Capricorn, and you need to do this more than plenty of other signs. I’m happy to tell you that soon a path will open up to you, one which gives you hope and excitement and the promise of something truly incredible waiting at the end of it.

But it’s not here just yet. First you need to spend some time clearing your mental and emotional decks. You need to take care of yourself. You need to regain your strength. Only by doing these things will you be ready to walk down the new path that life will present to you.

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