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Mar 08, 2021 - Your sense of dedication is strong today, Capricorn, and with the Moon in your sign you have the ability to implement your ideas into reality.

Today it is a good day to go through your finances and try out new systems that can make your financial situation easier for you. It’s a good time to think about consulting financial advisors and make plans for the coming future.

At the same time, it is important for you to maintain positive energy within. This helps you to focus and prevents you from descending into worry – which can be especially troubling when the worry surrounds money. Meditation and yoga are excellent ways to maintain inner balance today, Capricorn.

Mar 09, 2021 - A lot of emphasis is placed on your finances today, Capricorn, but it is important for you to let go of who you believe yourself to be and let yourself become who you are.

This is why deep philosophical thinking is on the way and it would not be a surprise if the universe threw a few situations or conversations at you to help guide you towards your calling. How do your finances fit into this right now?

Your sense of humanity is strong and you may feel compelled towards charitable work. But as noble as this is, remember that there are those who would seek to take advantage of you, Capricorn. Be sure to be on your guard during these times.

Mar 10, 2021 - The Moon in Aquarius calls you to be open and honest with yourself about financial issues that bother you, Capricorn.

This is a time when you are able to deal with them efficiently without descending into anxiety, hence facing them is important today. It is not always easy confronting what is unpleasant but it is necessary in order to move forward without issues weighing on your shoulder.

Reach out to people for help if you need it. Don’t let pride or fear stand in your way. Asking for help can sometimes be more terrifying than revealing why you need help. But there is no shame in needing help, Capricorn; the fear exists only in the mind.

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