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For the Month of: July 2022

July - Welcome to July, dear Capricorn. You’ve made it through another season of eclipses and Mercury retrograde drama. However, June forced you to slow down and schedule some much-needed self-care. Now, your July 2022 horoscope predicts a pivotal period in your life, where you re-evaluate personal goals and begin to change your overall course. So, if you’ve still been hypervigilant, take a break. Relax and retreat into your private world for introspection.

Mars clashes with Pluto in your sign at the beginning of July, prompting you to look at your life with a deeper spiritual understanding. Pluto urges you to connect to your innermost self, listen to your heart, and act on your Mars desires more healthily. On the other hand, Mars Pluto transits bring a volatile storm of negative feelings, so focus on raising your vibration.

On July 2, Mercury forms a harmonious trine to your ruling planet Saturn, and as a result, you’ll feel energized to focus on long-term goals and planning. Your abilities, talents, resources, reasonability, and how you are supporting yourself will come into question.

When free-flowing Mars energy activates your pleasure-seeking fifth house on July 5, your creativity and sex appeal amplify, putting you on the hunt for excitement and fun. Mercury enters Cancer the same day, making it an ideal time for private conversations to resolve any lingering business or romantic issues. Heightened sensitivity and increased passionate communication 

The radiant Sun in Cancer clashes with Chiron, bringing awareness to past hurts, weak spots, or repressed anger. You’ll be able to process these emotions better once Chiron goes retrograde on the 19. Overall, this influence encourages you to be more aware of your emotions and energies.

If you feel emotionally overloaded or looking for a change, the Full Moon on July 13 is just the influence to shift your life. A Full Moon is a powerful cosmic spotlight that reveals the blind spots in every area of your life. This Full Moon occurs in your sign and marks a very personal new beginning.

Capricorn Risings, the Full Moon will illuminate your first house, offering renewed energy and self-awareness that will help you see yourself in an entirely new light. Capricorn Sun and Moon placements will feel the powerful pull of this Full Moon, which is also conjunct Pluto. Changes to personality, looks, image, health, or putting the finishing touches on major projects are themes during this time.

You’ll have no choice but to open yourself up to love and supportive connections when seductive Venus enters Cancer. You’ll feel the urge to place yourself in caring, nurturing, and emotionally charged relationships. But, spend time alone before making any big decisions.

On Tuesday the 19, Chiron, the “wounded healer,” goes retrograde in Aries, and you’ll be tasking you with confronting old wounds and trauma surrounding self-identity, family, and emotions. Mercury enters Leo simultaneously, presenting a fantastic opportunity to get in touch with hidden aspects of yourself. Sexual magnetism runs high, and you adapt to efficiently deal with intimate and sensitive energies. And when Leo season officially begins on the 22, you won’t accept things at face value. No, you want to uncover depth and passion. So embrace the carefree vibes of this season.

Finally, the month ends with significant astrological shifts when Jupiter goes retrograde underneath the New Moon in Leo- a substantial emotional and spiritual growth period. A New Moon is an excellent time to plant seeds and set intentions for the next 28days. It’s an ideal time to be bold, courageous, take risks, and tune in to the voice of your heart.

July energy tip, learn to tune in and trust that your 
emotional power will attract the flow of resources you need to fulfill your life purpose.

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