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For the Month of: January 2022

January - The spotlight is on you throughout the month, and the intensity of the energy may have you feeling like you need to retreat. However, your Solar Return is drawing a massive phase of introspection and inner growth. Hard work is paying off, and now it is time to expand your current strategy and maximize your ultimate potential. 

The New Moon occurs in your sign on the 2nd, just after Mercury enters Aquarius. New Moons represent the ending of a previous cycle and the stage of something magical, grand, and fresh. You'll feel motivated to get things done, but you may find yourself more sensitive under this energy. Capricorn Risings, the New Moon will transit through your 1st house of appearance, identity, and personality, and the transiting influence of this energy can be emotionally demanding. Try your best not to give in to unconscious habits and needs. Overall, this can be a refreshing time if you give yourself a break. Be in control of your environment. Perhaps a new look or wardrobe change is needed? 

The Sun and Venus conjunct in your sign, initiating a new cycle in your overall personality and thought process. Don't cling to the past! You have an intuition Capricorn, trust it! You'll feel friendlier and sociable than usual, calling for a night out. But don't overindulge

Mercury stations retrograde in eccentric Aquarius on the 14th, and you can expect lots of money talk. Perhaps you've had a detached approach to spending that may come back to haunt you. This three-week period will force you to reevaluate and apply a unique approach when reviewing finances. Suppose your mind is racing with a million thoughts. Take time out to connect with nature, release, and ground. This year is about you building a healthy relationship with self-care and your spiritual practice. Don't deny yourself TLC.

The Full Moon takes place on the 17th, in fellow Cardinal sign Cancer. There's always tension when dealing with the emotional complexity of Cancer, yet you are just as emotionally complex. Capricorn Risings, the Full Moon will transit your 7th house of contracts and relationships. So swap out those long hours at work with doing things you love, with the people you cherish and value the most. 

The Sun finishes up in your sign on the 19th and enters Aquarius. You may feel slight ease, but Mars enters your sign on the 24th, and Mercury retrograde enters on the 25th. So there is still unfinished business. Nevertheless, it's a very resourceful time if used constructively, and you will be able to make the most out of what you have. There is a great deal of energy for new money-making projects or revising existing ones. Either way, you are driven to have more security in your life, but it's essential to reconnect with your values. 

Venus stations direct on the 29th in your sign, and while retrograde, you may have felt it hard to deny yourself of anything. Since Venus is now in direct motion, you may feel yourself start to let your softer and receptive personality show. Expect attraction to be easier than any other time before. 
This month's energy tip is; learn to use your imagination, and spiritual insights are a source of creative inspiration and manifestation. 

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