Weekly Video Forecast Week of September 16th, 2019

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This week, we encounter ambitious drive and lofty expectations. The week begins on Monday with the Moon in a hard angle to compulsive Pluto, which brings a restless energy that requires patience. Saturn begins to go direct on Tuesday, bringing movement into the areas of our lives that were stagnant during Saturn’s retrograde period. On Wednesday, the Moon is in harmony with Saturn, Mars, and Pluto, encouraging motivation and success in business.

Ambitious Mars is in harmony with Pluto on Thursday, providing ambition and drive to accomplish our goals. The Moon is in a peaceful angle with Venus, Mercury, and Jupiter on Friday, encouraging socialization and spending time with loved ones. With Jupiter in a hard angle to Neptune on Saturday, we may experience an overly optimistic energy that can lead to grandiose expectations. On Sunday, Mercury interacts with Saturn, helping us become more realistic about our goals and dreams.

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Monday, September 16, 2019

Main Event: Emotional Moon in fiery Aries, in hard angle to controlling Pluto
What to Expect: Restless energy requires active patience to avoid irritation today. Aries brings ambition while Pluto is compulsive, leading to aggravation
What to Do: Remain as calm as possible during confrontations or irritating situations
What Not to Do: Try not to be impatient today, as it results in conflicts of the ego

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Main Event: Stern Saturn slowly begins to go direct, Moon in stabilizing Taurus
What to Expect: Movement begins in areas where Saturn’s retrograde period caused stagnation, while Taurus encourages engaging in business activities and remaining grounded
What to Do: Take on any business meetings or opportunities that present themselves today; embrace routine
What Not to Do: Don’t avoid hard work or discipline today, as Taurus makes these tasks easier to accomplish

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Main Event: Fluid Moon in harmony with Saturn, Mars, and Pluto
What to Expect: A very good day for finishing projects, starting a new job, and conducting business meetings. This influence is positive for all aspects of work and career
What to Do: Motivate yourself to work toward a new or existing goal within your career, as the energy is favorable for success
What Not to Do: Try not to overlook or avoid opportunities that may appear to you today

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Main Event: Ambitious Mars in earthy Virgo in harmony with powerful Pluto
What to Expect: You may be able to tap into a vast amount of energy, ambition, and drive today. A good day for physical and mental repairs
What to Do: Embrace the energy driving you towards success; a great day to work on home repairs and soothe emotional wounds
What Not to Do: Don’t put off work that can be done today; you’ll benefit more from accomplishing tasks under this energy

Friday, September 20, 2019

Main Event: Emotional Moon in airy Gemini, in harmony with Venus, Mercury, and Jupiter
What to Expect: New ideas are prevalent today, as well as a desire to be around people. A great day for socializing and communication
What to Do: Enjoy yourself with friends and loved ones by attending a party, event, or social gathering
What Not to Do: Don’t spend the day in solitude, especially if you feel the urge to socialize

Saturday, September 21, 2019

Main Event: Expansive Jupiter in hard angle to dreamy Neptune
What to Expect: Neptune triggers compassion, empathy, and the desire to help others. There is a potential for romanticizing fantasies with your head in the clouds
What to Do: Keep your feet firmly planted on the ground when planning for the future or exploring goals and dreams today
What Not to Do: Don’t become overly optimistic or let your expectations become too grandiose

Sunday, September 22, 2019

Main Event: Decision-making Mercury in angle to realistic Saturn
What to Expect: You may receive advice about unrealistic expectations today. A potential for personal realizations about dreams and goals
What to Do: Ask for feedback if you feel your expectations may have been too lofty; practice moderation today
What Not to Do: Don’t cling too tightly to expectations or fantasies today; try not to be upset with those who may be trying to help

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