Weekly Astrology Forecast Week of November 30th, 2020

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There is a Full Moon and Lunar eclipse in Gemini on Monday, which may reveal hidden information or uncover secrets in our lives. The Moon is void of course on Tuesday, causing flat or stagnant energy that makes it hard to stay motivated. On Wednesday, the Moon is in nurturing Cancer, aligning with Uranus – this energy encourages you to break out of your routine and try new things.

The Cancer Moon is in conflict with Mars and Pluto on Thursday which can cause emotional tension and power struggles – focus on exercise and meditation to stay calm and balanced. The Moon is in Leo by Friday, in harmony with communicative Mercury, spicing up your conversations and helping you feel more confident when speaking with others. The Leo Moon is in harmony with the Sagittarius Sun on Saturday, urging you to express yourself creatively and play with new artistic mediums. The Moon moves into Virgo on Sunday, encouraging hard work and helping you feel more motivated.

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Monday, November 30, 2020

Main Event: Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse in Gemini
What to Expect: Information is flowing all around you today, including hidden information that may be uncovered or revealed right now
What to Do: This is an excellent day for a Full Moon ritual, as the lunar energy is particularly powerful today
What Not to Do: Don’t let heavy emotions take over today; carry uplifting crystals with you to keep your energy light

Tuesday, December 01, 2020

Main Event: Moon is Void of Course
What to Expect: The energy may feel stale or flat today; it can feel hard to get motivated today
What to Do: Follow your normal routine and stay the course today
What Not to Do: This is not a good day for making big decisions or starting new projects

Wednesday, December 02, 2020

Main Event: Moon in nurturing Cancer, in harmony with Uranus
What to Expect: Cancer urges compassion and emotional sensitivity, while Uranus encourages you to try new things and get out of any ruts you might feel stuck in
What to Do: Focus on stepping out of your comfort zone today; try a new workout or type of dance to get motivated
What Not to Do: Don’t let your moods control you; if you feel irritable, take a walk or try deep breathing

Thursday, December 03, 2020

Main Event: Cancer Moon in conflict with Mars and Pluto
What to Expect: Mars may create emotional tension, while Pluto can cause power struggles or misunderstandings
What to Do: Physical exercise and meditation will help to calm the mind today
What Not to Do: Don’t jump to any conclusions today; try writing about your thoughts and feelings to express them in a healthy way

Friday, December 04, 2020

Main Event: Moon in extroverted Leo, in harmony with Mercury
What to Expect: Leo amplifies your confidence, while Mercury encourages exciting communication and conversations
What to Do: Reach out to a loved one today and let them know you’re thinking about them
What Not to Do: Don’t let shyness prevent you from sharing your emotions with others today

Saturday, December 05, 2020

Main Event: Moon in feisty Leo, in harmony with the Sun in Sagittarius
What to Expect: All this Fire energy helps you feel more positive and uplifted. Both Leo and Sagittarius encourage confidence, passion, and creativity
What to Do: This is an excellent day to express yourself in an artistic manner, from writing to painting and everything in between
What Not to Do: Don’t let this energy go to waste – find an outlet for your enthusiasm today

Sunday, December 06, 2020

Main Event: Moon moving into grounded Virgo
What to Expect: Virgo helps you feel more motivated towards hard work today. A surge of energy helps you get things done
What to Do: This is a great day for spending time outdoors or working on your chores and projects
What Not to Do: Try not to overthink things today; follow your intuition

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