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Jul 24, 2021 -

This looks like it could be a very busy day for you, Sagittarius, due to the fact that the intuitive Moon is moving through Aquarius and your buzzy 3rd House of local communities and communications, turning your attention (whether you like it or not) to all the mundane matters and professional people clamoring for your attention.

However, it looks like things won’t be too mundane right now as throughout the day la Luna will conjunct hardworking Saturn, currently rotating through this same sector of your chart.

With the skies the way they are, there is a good chance you might encounter some power grabs from people you’ve known in the past, but if you focus on your own work and owning exactly what you do, then there is no reason you can’t come out on top in the end, Sag.

Jul 23, 2021 - You aren’t the kind of sign who tends to let themselves get too caught up in useless time-wasters. As interesting as it might be for some people to float around in unimportant territory, you have your mind focused on much more important and productive things, so you don’t normally go looking for such things.

It would seem, however, that a very interesting bit of gossip or information is about to wing its way to you, and although you might normally dismiss it without a second thought, this time you should indeed hit the pause button on life and actually process this new intelligence.

The reason for this is the beautiful Full Moon in Aquarius lighting up your 3rd House of communications and ideas; keep your eyes and ears open because the Universe is getting ready to send you a message, and you’ll need to pay attention when it arrives.

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