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Jul 01, 2022 - You’re one of the most intuitive signs of the zodiac; feelings that would leave others spinning in circles are much easier to navigate for you, and today the universe is coming together to remind you just how brilliant and capable you are.

The intuitive Moon is moving through Leo and your adventurous 9th House of foreign cultures and higher education, reminding you of all the possibilities waiting out there in the great big yonder. This is always an exhilarating time for exploring future potentials and daydreaming about new ways to live your life, and today la Luna will form an exciting beam to help you cash in on your brilliant ideas.

Throughout the day she’ll reach out across the sky to connect with bountiful Venus in Gemini and your 7th House of partnerships so two heads really are better than one right now. Go with the flow, Sagittarius.

Jun 30, 2022 - There is some rather conflicting energy in the sky today, so don’t be surprised if you’re having a hard time deciding where your intentions lie. Energetic Mars is moving through your outgoing 5th House of fun and creativity, so you’re probably in the mood to enjoy yourself and leave more serious things for another time.

Well, that’s all well and good, but a distracting beam from the Moon could sideline any plans for fun and instead force you to sit down with all your account information and make sure every penny is accounted for. La Luna is currently camped out in your security-minded 8th House of financial matters, so Mars’ vibrant mood will be rather at odds with this very serious energy.

Whether you lean into the transit or try and resist it just know that whatever comes your way will eventually move on, so remember to breathe if things get a little too intense.


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