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For the Week of: January 27 - February 02

Jan 27, 2020 - Home matters are going to continue to be a big focus for you, Sagittarius, with Pisces energy continuing to work in your fourth house of roots and foundations. But you've got a lot of romance on the docket as well this week which is good news for you this week!

You are very focused on the home life right now, Sagittarius, with a lot of Pisces action happening in your fourth house of roots and family. This is going to pick up steam in the next week after this, when the Sun shines in Pisces. And you do have some fun surprises in love coming your way.

You'll see some of this early Monday with Venus working some magic with Neptune in your fourth house of roots. You are very focused on the home life right now, Sagittarius, with a lot of Pisces action happening in your fourth house of roots and family. But you do have some fun surprises in love coming your way this week.

And you can take love behind closed doors and have a few nights in this week under Pisces energy. Just because Pisces energy is working your home sector doesn't mean you can't enjoy love.

Over Saturday and Sunday, you have the grounded Taurus Moon in your sixth house of work and details, and you will be able to launch some new routines in the work place to help you feel more productive. And if you are looking for work, these are your best days of the week to do that. Stay busy and tend to those details, and this sets the stage for a successful week, Sag.

This transit sends impassioned energy your way into your work routines and schedules. This launches a wonderful work period for you through next month.

This is a creative and favorable transit that will have you tying up old problems on the money front, or finishing up some loose ends. Some past issues may come into the picture.

Dreams are also very important this week with Pisces energy on the docket, and increasing in intensity in the coming weeks. You may have either big waking dreams or night dreams about your home life, and want to pay attention to important messages here. Have a blessed week, Sagittarius!

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