Sagittarius Daily Horoscope:

Feb 25, 2021 -

Venus, the planet of pleasure and money, hunkers down in your 4th House of home and family today for the next four weeks, Sagittarius. During this luxury-loving transit you’ll find yourself more attracted to interior design Pinterest pages and feng shui maps than anything else, and you can bet you’ll want to invest your money in some new furniture and fixings.

What with winter winding down around the globe maybe it’s time for a few seasonal updates around the house. This trend is less about making money or having romantic interaction and more about investing in yourself and taking time to nurture your environment, but if you’re hankering to bring some excitement to this transit, why not look for ways around the house to add some sparkle to your life?

Perhaps you’re over that coffee table and could get some cash for it online? Perhaps some new satin sheets will make you feel that more sensual? Little updates and improvements can add up to big changes.

Love Horoscope

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Money Horoscope

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Health Horoscope

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Sex Horoscope

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Daily Tarot Reading

8 of Wands

8 of Wands

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Daily Gemstone & Crystal Reading

Rainbow Fluorite

Rainbow Fluorite

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