Sagittarius Daily Horoscope:

Sep 28, 2021 - Things could get a little, uh, intense today. As far as professional or material ventures go you’re not entirely up a creek without a paddle, but people are not going to be as supportive as normal so how about working away at things on your own then holding off on your big reveal next week, if not later?

The reason for this is that the Moon will be moving through your secretive 8th House of security and major finances, so it wouldn’t at all be a bad day to either get your spending in order or search for more ways to increase your net worth.

Despite this don’t go around asking just ANYONE for their opinion or input; the Moon will square the primal Sun in your 11thHouse of social groups, so it looks like people won’t be as positive as you might like. Don’t worry, this is only temporary so they will be wowed by you soon enough.

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