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Reiki Stone Healing: 5 Long Term Benefits You Can Enjoy TODAY

There are many tools you can use in conjunction with your astrology answers when you need more health and wellness and less stress in your... Read More »

Beneficial Thought - 5 Easy Ways to Use Runes You Can Try Today

We talk a lot about having tools in the tool box here, and when it comes to your spirituality, the number of things you can... Read More »

Beneficial Thought: What to do if the Tarot or Horoscopes Give You Bad News (Hint: Don’t Freak Out!)

Bad news is hard to swallow. Nobody wants to hear of illness in their family or to be reminded of their relationship problems, so many... Read More »

How to Get Answers to Life Questions in Seconds With Tarot

Have you ever needed an immediate answer to a question? Doesn′t it seem that you sometimes need those immediate answers at the most inconvenient... Read More »

Chakra Healing: How to Cleanse and Charge Your Chakra Pendulum

You hear us talking about chakra cleansing a lot. Chakras are those little invisible energy wheels inside your body that help you keep your mind... Read More »

Shed Some Light on Your Love Life with Tarot

The practice of tarot can provide luminous insight into many areas of your life, including your love life. Sure, tarot cards aren’t miraculous in... Read More »

How to Find the Love of Your Life Using the Tarot

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, our thoughts turn to love, relationships and questions of where yours is at vs. where you’d like it... Read More »

Understand Your Parents Through Their Primal Triad: Sun, Moon & Rising Signs

Welcome to a new way to relate to your parents! This could really help you understand them and allow you to see how they are... Read More »

How to Use a Pendulum to Reap Chakra Miracles in Just 5 Minutes

Have you ever felt stuck over something? Like no matter how much you try to make progress with something, it’s just not happening? There... Read More »

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