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DIY Tarot Reading: Pros & Cons of Using an App or Your Own Cards

If you’re new to tarot, you may be wondering, what is a tarot card reading? The definition of a tarot card reading varies based on the intention of the person offering the service… Read More »

Impress Your Friends With These Tarot Reading Tips

Tarot is growing in popularity as a time-tested practice of divination. People are more open to its wisdom and you do not have to be a professional to give a valuable and accurate… Read More »

How to Plan Your Entire Summer Using the Tarot

We’ll have a lot of uncertainty this Summer what with eclipse season coming upon us in July, along with a Mercury retrograde. Don’t freak out. You will not be stressed if you know… Read More »

How To Use Tarot To Manifest Your Dream Job

Everyone has a dream job, but few of us actually have that dream job. Most of the reasons we give ourselves for not pursuing our dream job are just excuses, usually based in fear.… Read More »

Major and Minor Arcana: What’s the Difference?

When first learning about the Tarot deck, it may feel very far out of reach; however, you will feel much closer to its magic after reading this brief introduction to how this syst… Read More »

These 5 Tarot Cards Mean You’re Ready for Motherhood

By Sonika Tyagi Mother’s Day often causes many women to wonder if they are themselves ready for a child (or another child) and a new phase in their lives. Sometimes we find oursel… Read More »

Reiki Stone Healing: 5 Long Term Benefits You Can Enjoy TODAY

There are many tools you can use in conjunction with your astrology answers when you need more health and wellness and less stress in your life. There′s meditation, chakra healing… Read More »

Beneficial Thought - 5 Easy Ways to Use Runes You Can Try Today

We talk a lot about having tools in the tool box here, and when it comes to your spirituality, the number of things you can put in there is as infinite as the universe. There is n… Read More »

Beneficial Thought: What to do if the Tarot or Horoscopes Give You Bad News (Hint: Don’t Freak Out!)

Bad news is hard to swallow. Nobody wants to hear of illness in their family or to be reminded of their relationship problems, so many people avoid bad news altogether. This … Read More »

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