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Dec 07, 2019 - You’ve got a delicious secret that you are holding to your chest, Taurus, and you aren’t going to let this cat out of the bag until you have reached exactly the right time. The Aries Moon in your eighth house of secrets is in play now. Play your cards well with this today and will send you exactly the right moment you need to play this one exactly the way you want to play it.

This is one area where secrets come into play for you today. Your secret is going to help you close up some chapters, while opening some new ones as well. So word your wishes wisely, and the timing of Universe will help you to unleash this secret at exactly the right time.

You could have some good news to share with a loved one, or on the job. If you have been sowing the right karmic oats, Universe has some lucky coincidences for you with this yummy secret.

What secret do you have, Taurus?

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Ace of Pentacles

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