Taurus Health Horoscope Taurus

Jun 18, 2019 - A positive day for staying focused on your goals, Taurus, as you may feel compelled to drift off a little on your path and become distracted by foods or activities that might not be entirely healthy for you!

Today brings the opportunity to have a clear, concise plan in place, especially in regard to your exercise regime, which can produce some fantastic results for you if you are able to stick to an achievable plan.

It is good for you to get enough fibre in your diet as this will help you feel full for much longer and will prevent unthinking snacking which you can be a little prone to at times!

Taurus Health Horoscope Taurus

Jun 19, 2019 - This is a good day to tie up any loose ends so you can finally let yourself shine, Taurus, without anything holding you back.

It is good for you to confront issues that bother you rather than bury them, as only by facing them can you move forward with a clean slate and fresh start. Otherwise, stress and anxiety can build up and even become debilitating.

Try not to let opinions of others sway you; do what feels right to you and allow the negative energies to wash away, leaving room only for positivity.

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