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Feb 18, 2019 - Taurus natives are advised to take extra care of their diet today as they may be experiencing a lack of nutrients due to busy lifestyles or neglect in areas of health. It is important for them to pay close attention to their thyroid as an under-active thyroid can lead to a host of problems - sea vegetables, fish and shrimp are all advised to include in the diet. They may feel a sense of lethargy which could interfere with their endeavours; this may leave them feeling grouchy and unhappy, so it is important for them to eat happy-boosting foods such as avocado, chicken noodle soup, dark chocolate and salmon.

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Knight of Wands

Knight of Wands

This knight is a fine looking young man, and knows his way around the ladies. Like any good Fire Sign, he is charming, good looking, and always knows the right thing to say. He doesn't really need to think about it, which is good, because he rarely does. “Rushing into” circumstances is the keynote of this card.… Read More »

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Rutilated Quartz

Rutilated Quartz

We may forget that more often than not, we are capable of helping ourselves through our own problems and may only need motivation or a talisman to set us on a path to healing. "I visualize what I want to manifest," is the affirmation of motivating Rutilated Quartz, a crystal with energy amplifying properties, also known to help us gain a sense of self-control. Particularly helpful for Taurus, Gemi… Read More »

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