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For the Month of: September 2021

It’s hard to believe that the weather is already beginning to change and the days are getting shorter. September is a beautiful month to look back on all the good memories this year has brought for you, Taurus. What were some goods times and what were some bad times? What have you learned, and how can you continue to apply those learnings? The square between Venus and Pluto on the 5th would be a great starting point to begin to investigate these questions.

Venus is your ruling planet, so during Venus transits, you may feel them more than other signs. Squares are aspects that bring challenges, but also, growth! When Pluto is involved in an aspect, you can expect to be extra introspective with an inclination to transform whatever you may feel you need to address in your life. Being that Venus is in Libra, it may be that you need to address a relationship or set a boundary with someone. Whatever it may be, you will find the inspiration and boldness to work through it with the energies around the 5th.

Another significant Venus transit this month will be on September 10th. On this day, Venus will move into Scorpio. Venus is the plant of love and sensuality, and Scorpio is a sign of passion. You may find, after this date, a spark of romantic energy. Make time to show gratitude for your significant other, and if you’re not in a relationship, make certain to show gratitude to those relationships in your life that you are very close with. Additionally, you may find yourself divulging in your passions more. Do you love to write or paint? Set time aside to engage your senses and creativity. Even if it's not something artistic, whatever you find sparks your interests, while Venus is in Scorpio, it is an excellent time to explore those.

On the 20th, there is a Full Moon in Pisces. This Full Moon will have the entire collective a bit dreamy, but also, it will prompt conversations about spirituality and creativity. Full Moons are good times to release anything that isn’t serving you as well. Perhaps, you have been limiting yourself in terms of your beliefs. This could be about broader philosophical beliefs or beliefs in yourself. Whatever the case may be, take time to journal some new intentions this Full Moon, and ask yourself, what do you believe?

Lastly, Mercury Retrograde begins on the 27th, but you may begin feeling it a few days before this actual date. Regardless, as long as you are prepared and aware, you will easily make it through the next few weeks. Some things to be kept in mind before a Mercury retrograde, if you need to buy any new electronics or sign any contracts, do it as early in September as you can. If you do have to do one of these things during the Retrograde, no sweat, just take your time in reviewing. Also, if traveling, even short distances, buffer extra time and triple-check that you have your ticket downloaded and saved. 

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