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Aug 21, 2018 - In spite of your big ambitions and sweeping panoramas, the god or devil is always in the details. Honor the spirit of what you're doing, but leave nothing to chance. Your special know-how will keep it all divine, unless of course you're aiming for that little touch of wickedness. You're allowed to blow your own horn today. You're a free agent or maybe a free angel, and you're welcome to go after some extra publicity if it'll help your cause. Once you have all that attention, though, be careful about how you let it influence you.

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The Emperor

The Emperor

The Emperor is symbolized by the number 4, representing order and structure in your life. He also symbolizes the zodiac sign Aries and could represent an Aries in your life if you see this card in a reading. This card in a reading suggests you are about to realize your goals, or are well in the process… Read More »

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