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Sep 29, 2022 - You’ve spent the last few weeks as the celestial favorite, Virgo, thanks to romantic Venus moving through your sign on her annual trip, but that comes to an end today as she waves goodbye and moves on to Libra and your 2nd House of material wealth and security.

Right off the bat you’ll notice a shift in your energies; whereas nearly any pretty face might have gotten your heart beating last week, suddenly you’re going to be captivated by people who are hard-working, stable, and bring a sense of security to your life. Yes, dating the bad boy or manic pixie girl can be a heady experience, but how much potential is there for one of those relationships to really take off?

Even if you’re normally drawn to excitement, this transit encourages you to focus on the long game. Look for quality, not quantity, and you’ll surprise yourself with the diamonds you find among the rough.

Sep 28, 2022 - This could be a very busy day for you, Virgo, so even if you planned to lounge in bed for a few extra hours then putter around the house for the day, well, let’s just say that’s probably not on the planetary program.

The Moon is moving through Scorpio and your buzzy 3rd House of local community and friends, so chances are your phone will be blowing up before the day even gets started. It’s fine if you weren’t expecting that–you probably weren’t–because the Moon will oppose Uranus throughout the day, casting an air of unexpected surprise over just about everything she touches.

There really is no telling just what exactly you’ll come into contact with on a day like this, but it would be a real shame for you to miss out, so do yourself a favor and go out into the world and explore. Without a doubt you’ll be more than intrigued all the new ideas and opportunities coming your way, especially the ones that are worth their weight in gold.


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