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Oct 03, 2022 - Work, play, work, play… how on earth do you ever decide which to do and which to pursue? On a day like this it might be almost impossible to decide what direction to follow, and if you keep expecting to look down in front of you and find a path carved out of rock, well, it’s not going to be that simple or that obvious.

You’re going to have to make your own way through these confusing transits, but that doesn’t mean you can’t come out on the other side better for the journey and glad you went through whatever trying times you did. If this sounds a bit intimidating don’t worry, the skies will only be confusing for a short part of the day, then will ease up as evening rolls around and the Moon rises up into the night sky.

Get your work done during the day and there won’t be anything standing in your way come evening.

Oct 04, 2022 - The planets are coming together for a five-star day and blessing the world with rose-colored magic, but while some signs are going to be letting loose, don’t be surprised if you’re feeling more industrious than hot under the collar. Romantic Venus is currently lighting up your 2nd House of luxury and possessions, turning your thoughts to the things in your life, rather than the people.

Throughout the day she’ll be sending out a love-letter across the sky to the intuitive Moon traveling through your systematic 6th House of routine and wellness. With these two work-oriented oriented sectors of your chart activated you can count on the day going pleasantly enough, it just might not be very sexy, which is FINE; you don’t need to be a sex god EVERY day of the week.

Instead focus on dominating other areas of your life for the time being, then get back to your bedroom sports in a few days.

Oct 05, 2022 - It could be a little difficult to get in the groove and pursue your desires on a day like today, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. The intuitive Moon is moving through your efficient 6th House of wellness and routine, so sex isn’t exactly the universal subject at the moment. Throughout the day la Luna will we be forming a number of powerful angles throughout the sky, most especially to the primal Sun in Libra.

The center of our Universe is currently camped out in your work sector, so it looks like this day is going to be a little more proactive than usual. Under this alignment I wouldn’t be all that surprised if it feels like you’re trying to drift through a fog every time you summon up a sultry thought, so my best advice would be to wait until sexier skies dawn on the horizon. Don’t worry, they are coming, you can believe that.

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