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For the Week of: September 13 - September 19

Sep 13, 2021 - Monday arrives with a slightly emotional note, thanks to a powerful Half Moon in Sagittarius, reminding each and every one of us of the need for balance and peace both within ourselves and on a global scale. This lunar phase will illuminate your 4th House of home and family, so it’s more than likely you’ll find yourself in something of a nesting mood. It might be time for a few changes around the house, so give yourself permission to change things as you feel inspired.

Now then, you’ve been careening at top speed ever since Mars entered your sign earlier this year, and what a ride it has been as you were filled with energy to go after whatever your heart might desire. That being said, you won’t have a ton of time to focus on the more frivolous aspects of life as the Universe wants you to direct your attention towards more important matters with more concrete and long-term potential. Action planet Mars has spent the last eight weeks rotating through your 1st House; this transit is normally all about getting out into the world and doing some exploring, but with the world being in the current condition it is you probably felt a little stifled in your urge to move beyond boundaries. Come the 14th, however, you get to shift gears as Mars moves into Libra and your grounded 2nd House of earned income and material assets until late October. This time only comes around once every two years, so there is an open highway ahead of you to make some major progress with regards to your place in the world. If you’ve been hoping to make a name for yourself or get your work recognized by someone high up, this is your chance. Don’t waste it!

One of the most potent moments of the year arrives on the 16th as the Sun in your sign forms a very big and powerful trine to alchemical Pluto in Capricorn and your 5th House of passion, romance, and creativity. You could witness some major fireworks in your love life, or perhaps an artistic project experiences a huge transformational moment. You’re on the lucky receiving end of this angle, so consider the Universe is giving you the greenlight to do as you please. You’re not one to be very selfish, Virgo, but you can be so now without any guilt.

The next day features a cold square between Venus in Scorpio and your 3rd House of communication, and icy Saturn in Aquarius and your 6th House of daily work and routine. This energy could make things feel like a bit of a slog, and no matter how hard you try your responsibilities seem to take precedence over anything and everything fun. Don’t worry if the world seems short on fun for the time being; this transit is only temporary so you can get back to more exciting times in just a day or two.

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