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For the Week of: June 29 - July 05

Jun 29, 2020 - You’ve just begun learning a series of lessons that, in a rather odd way, will be simultaneously easy and difficult for you, Virgo. Earlier this year Saturn entered Aquarius and your 6th House of work and routine, which just so happens to be Virgo territory by nature. Whenever Saturn enters a sector of our chart, he brings to light lessons we need to learn as well as any habits we need to break, or patterns of behavior which no longer serve us. While Saturn isn’t exactly a fun planet, he does reward hard work, and if anyone understands the value of hard work it would be you, and since the 6th House is indeed your astrological “home” you’re probably going to feel like you could turn around and teach the class yourself when it comes to this particular lesson plan. Well, while that’s all well and good, today there is a major shift in the heavens as Saturn retrogrades out of Aquarius and reenters Capricorn and your 5th House of romance, passion, and creativity, bringing your focus back to lessons which you have, hopefully, already learned but which might require a small touch up or study session before you can finally clear your course load in prep for next term. The 5th House is a very expressive place, and Virgo tends to be more comfortable off in the wings and out of the spotlight, so it’s possible you might have had to confront issues of feeling shy or like your creativity wasn’t all you could desire. Romance would also come up, but this sector is much more about fun flings and light-hearted dating rather than intimate bonds and marriages (those are more matters of the 7th and 8th Houses) so perhaps you had to learn how to not take love so seriously and instead just kick back and let the universe send whatever–and whomever–your way. Saturn will be retrograde until September, so you have then to iron out any hiccups, then will take until December to finally reenter Aquarius. Once it does so it won’t return to Capricorn for almost 30 years, so make sure you really get every ounce of wisdom and progress out of this transit you possibly can.

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