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For the Month of: July 2022

July - Change may sometimes feel overwhelming, like a cloud of stormy emotions. And last month, you found yourself thrown into the sea of change. Your July 2022 horoscope predicts abundance emerging from learning how to embrace those emotional clouds that change can bring. Although, If you still find yourself struggling to embrace all your feelings, this is the time to explore and experience them.

Your ruling planet Mercury clashes with dreamy Neptune on July 2, slightly distorting your thinking, which can confuse and complicate relationships and business dealings. Rational thoughts and intuition are at odds, so take a step back. The influence of this transit only lasts for a few days. Mercury trine Saturn will add persistence and perseverance throughout this time.

Come July 5; you’ll be seeking a way out of mundane affairs and into the pleasures of the Universe when Mars enters Taurus. Mercury enters intuitive Cancer on the same day, and under this energy, you’ll feel a great desire to connect with your tribe. You appreciate socializing with others, and at the same time, you will require ample amounts of alone time.

Yet, when the Full Moon illuminates your pleasure-seeking fifth house on the 13, you will want to express your creative and romantic thoughts. Expect to be in for a surprise or two. A Full Moon is a high-powered time that brings your awareness to hidden areas of your life. The Full Moon occurs in Capricorn and emphasizes foresight and planning.  If you find yourself second-guessing an opportunity, take your time. Perform your due diligence to determine if this opportunity is truly for you.

Venus gives all the feels when entering Cancer on the 17. You’ll be more open to demonstrating your affection for others during the next four weeks. You are encouraged to be actively involved in community events and clubs. This transit is also a favorable period to gain support from friends and loved ones.

When Mercury enters Leo, your head is full of observations, ideas, and opinions. However, things may get a little heavy emotionally because Chiron goes retrograde the same day. So it’s a great time to retreat and process powerful emotions.

Once the Sun officially enters your intuitive twelfth house, you'll crave more alone time. Leo season may seem like one big party, but for you, Virgo, it’s a chance to dip out of the limelight and into hermit mode. There will be plenty of events in the future, so don’t worry if you skip out on a few.

Finally, the month ends with some pretty significant astrological shifts. Jupiter goes retrograde in your intimate eighth house during the New Moon in Leo. Jupiter retrogrades are great times for spiritual growth, expansion, and gratitude for the abundance in our lives. Jupiter bestows support in intimate relationships, financial affairs, and spirituality. Slow down, though; sexual desires may be on overdrive due to this energy.

A New Moon is a beautiful time to initiate beginnings. It is a time of darkness, mystery, and divine possibilities. This New Moon activates your intuitive twelfth house in Leo and brings awareness to things you couldn’t see before. So don't fret if you have to deal with subconscious problems or if you feel tempted to suppress emotions. Instead, Leo encourages you to be bold and brave- this is a new start to find closure for any old wounds that have weighed you down. 

July energy tip, allow yourself to feel your emotions as 
a flow of resources that will help you fulfill your life purpose.




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