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For the Month of: January 2022

January - The New Year brings renewed faith, hope, joy, and inspiration for the future. You are supported, and it is time to start believing in yourself. Get out your head and into your heart; emotional fulfillment is on the way if it is not directly evident now. 

January’s New Moon occurs on the 2nd in fellow Earth sign Capricorn and is associated with endings, beginnings, and intention setting. Capricorn is the ambitious sea-goat with a desire to initiate a significant shift in your life.

Virgo Risings, the New Moon in Capricorn, will occupy your 5th house of entertainment, fun, children, and romance. This energy suggests that you need to start over by letting go of the past and connecting more deeply with your higher self. Although you may feel an abundance of emotions and feelings under this energy, channel it towards expressing your artistic and creative side. Resist fear and panic when things don’t go your way. Instead, use this energy to plant seeds in your dating life and romantic sector. Quit being so serious. Get out there and have some fun.

Mercury, your ruling planet of communication, logic, travel, and technology, enters Aquarius shortly after the New Moon. Here, you come face to face with challenging and frustrating energy in your job and daily routine. Mercury stations retrograde in Aquarius on the 14th, quickly throwing kinks into your schedule. Avoid stress and overthinking- health is vulnerable under this energy. Instead, practice patience through inconveniences and find new ways to rise above petty frustrations.

Full Moons signify magical peaks in the lunation cycle, a time of illumination, both externally and internally. This month’s Full Moon is on the 17th, in nurturing Water sign of Cancer, which represents a culmination that can help you bring challenges and hard energy to an end so that you may move forward. Full Moons shine a light on the past month, so you can spot problems, take stock, and move ahead. Cancer naturally rules the Moon, so this makes for an emotionally intense setting.

Virgo Risings, the Full Moon in Cancer, will transit through your 11th (whole) house of hopes, wishes, dreams, and groups. First, work through any triggers in your friendships or social group. Then, get out there and network. New pathways for abundance and growth are opening for you. 

On Tuesday the 18th, Uranus, the eccentric planet of sudden change, surprises, and higher consciousness, stations direct in fellow Earth sign Taurus. When direct, Uranus produces ah-ha moments and strong points of clarity. This energy will urge you to strive for greatness and create your reality. Your belief system shapes the direction of your life. Travel, study, religion, and philosophy may seem more appealing now that you have more clarity in your life’s path.

The Sun conjuncts Mercury on the 23rd, generating flashes of inspiration and work-related news. In addition, expect an increase in mental activity, communication, short trips, and other daily interactions.  

Mars, the fiery planet of action, moves into disciplined Capricorn on the 24th, and as a result, you will have more energy at your disposal to express yourself creatively through things you love to do. In addition, the power is ripe for fun, suggesting it would be a great time to take creative approaches to personal matters and projects. Although unnecessary fears and stress may try to creep into your life, if you do your best to stay calm, focusing on family, friends, and healthy self-expression, this transit will prove to be highly rewarding.

Venus is finished with her shenanigans and is now in direct motion after an eventful retrograde in Capricorn. As a result, you will start to feel more flirty and playful. The charm is on, and the universe is responding to your magnetic vibration. If you are single, this is a beautiful time for new romantic connections.

Energy tip for this month, breathe through uncertainty and welcome change; you are opening new doors of abundance for the future.

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