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This daily card will give you insight on what to expect today in general, enabling you to take advantage of the assets and dodge the downfalls. What better way to start your day than to get a glimpse at the cosmic vibe?

8 of Swords

8 of Swords

8 of Swords


The 8 of Swords can be a foreboding card, and just the sight of it could ruin an entire reading or day for you. This is the test we see with the 8 of Swords. Many of our problems or "bad days" are of our own making. We see a woman trapped in this card, but the message is more positive than you may think. The castle in the card is still available to her, and the 8 dwords are around her, not behind or in front of her. Her feet are free to move as well whenever she pleases. To escape this situation, she simply needs to get herself out of it.

Swords can represent thoughts in the Tarot, and sometimes we get so carried away in a situation we create a toxic feelings that don't even exist. Or, there are toxic influences around you that you are unaware of because you are blindfolded. They may be very real toxic influences, and your suspicions and thoughts may be very valid. But you can run from these influences whenever you want. Working towards mental clarity and peace will get you closer to that castle on the hill we see in the 8 of Swords.


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