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Prepare for your day with an energetic reading from the Universe. This is a daily Tarot horoscope, determined by the card is drawn by our experts to give a general insight into what to expect today. Look into the meaning of the Tarot card reading and look to your life today and tomorrow, the answer is right in front of you.

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The Tarot Card of the Day is...

Ace of Pentacles

Ace of Pentacles


Aces in the Tarot are all about new beginnings, and pentacles are all about security and stability. But pentacles also represent the physical world, and that could be anything from finances to sexual matters. Whether you are asking about love or money, the Tarot is giving you a wonderful omen when the Ace of Pentacles appears. In love, you know from this symbol that someone feels very grounded with you and sees you in it for the long haul. They are in it for the long haul too, and not only is this a caring relationship, but also a sexually satisfying one, one that will last for a long time.

In work or money matters, a new resource is on its way to you. That could be a financial bonus, windfall, a new job, or even a new home. You may just be starting something that embodies new learning as well, as the cloud of enlightenment is here as well. We also see the stability of mountains that have stood the test of time in the background with an archway surrounded by wreaths of victory. The Ace of Pentacles arrives to let you know that success is yours for the taking and a new beginning is on its way. A new foundation is very likely.


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