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Looking for a free tarot reading? This tarot card is drawn daily to give you insight on what to expect for today. Check back every day to gain insight into what the Universe has in store for you. What better way to start your day than a free tarot reading and a glimpse at the cosmic vibe?





It can be difficult to figure out what The Strength is telling you when the Tarot shows you this card, but one only needs to look to strong female heroines of all time to consider what this card means. Think of Joan of Arc, Laura Secord, or Helen Keller, and the demons they needed to tame as examples of the qualities that The Strength card exudes. The Tarot is telling you that you have these qualities as well, whether you believe you do or not.

Whether you are asking about love, work, or just a life situation, Tarot is pointing you to the traits you have inside that you may need to tap into in order to fulfill your soul's purpose. The presence of the angel on this card may also indicate the presence of an actual angel around you during this time. Sometimes we are given the message to wait things out, or just hold on. The Strength card can point to substance taming as well - maybe it's time to face that demon? But if you are also waiting for love, The Strength card is a positive omen for that one as well. In work, discipline or just keeping a lid on your temper is also often called for when this card appears. It's a turning point either way. Taming the demons is what will help you reach your ultimate goal.


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