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9 of Swords

9 of Swords

9 of Swords


Has stress or anxiety been keeping you up at night? Or maybe you have been having some nightmares? We sometimes see the 9 of Swords as well when someone is too spiritually connected to the Other Side, and may have nefarious forces plaguing them during the evening hours.

The 9 of Swords is a tough card to see in a reading or in your day, but if you are seeing it, the message may come as no surprise to you. You are worried about someone or may be asking the Tarot about someone or something that is causing you some intense worry. You may have nightmares about it, or may be up all night many nights and just experiencing grief and despair about the situation. But this is also a powerful guilt card, and someone may be up many nights feeling guilty about something they have done to you.

The 9 of Swords can also signal a health issue, such as menopause that leaves women emotional and unable to sleep at night. A mental health problem such as PTSD, nightmares, or just chronic anxiety may be at play in the situation at hand. It sounds and looks like an ominous card. But the message of the 9 of Swords is that we are nearing the end of this cycle or painful journey.


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