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This daily card will give you insight on what to expect today in general, enabling you to take advantage of the assets and dodge the downfalls. What better way to start your day than to get a glimpse at the cosmic vibe?

9 of Cups

9 of Cups

9 of Cups


If you have been going through some troubled times and the 9 of Cups arrives in your day, know that you are going to receive your just desserts. And not in a negative way! The message of this card is that you are coming out of the darkness and into the Sun, and you are going to be very happy with the outcome of your request to Tarot. This is a card that says, today, your troubles are behind you, and you can enjoy the optimism and happiness that comes with that. You finally see a situation for what it is and yo are happy with the result. You are getting exactly what you want! This is why the 9 of Cups is traditionally known as the "wish" card in the Tarot. Life is good. Very very good. You are seeing this card today because the Universe wants you to enjoy a moment of peace and fulfillment. Good things are happening - it's not in your head.


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