Daily Tarot Reading

This daily card will give you insight on what to expect today in general, enabling you to take advantage of the assets and dodge the downfalls. What better way to start your day than to get a glimpse at the cosmic vibe?

5 of Cups

5 of Cups

5 of Cups


There has been a big change in your life recently if you see the 5 of Cups today. A loss of some sort has occurred, either after an argument or a moment of grief or upset. In some ways, the loss cannot be recovered, and these feelings are being shown by the figure in a dark cloak tightly wrapped around the hunched and burdened shoulders. A period of remorse is definitely on the docket when you see the 5 of Cups today, but this remains a bright card that offers a sense of optimism. The 2 cups still standing behind the tipped over cups show that support is around you no matter what. Although change is on the table today, all is not lost.

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