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Prepare for your day with an energetic reading from the Universe. This is a daily Tarot horoscope, determined by the card is drawn by our experts to give a general insight into what to expect today. Look into the meaning of the Tarot card reading and look to your life today and tomorrow, the answer is right in front of you.

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Queen of Pentacles

Queen of Pentacles


When the Queen of Pentacles arrives in your day or Tarot reading, you are being given a very good omen. This is an older or mature woman sitting on an elegant throne-like object, and by mature we mean wise and full of knowledge. She is generally older, but may not be.

She embodies the traits of Mother Nature or that one mother that you know is a great listener and has all sorts of practical wisdom on top of her nurturing tendencies. Being of the Earth element and the Pentacles suit, she is very practical, and likely has a lot of financial security or stability. She may not be wealthy, but she saves before she spends.

Rabbits are in the picture, and these symbolize fertility and children. If you are asking about pregnancies or birth, this is a very positive and lush card to see from the Tarot. In love questions, you are viewed as a rock and solid force, or you may be seeing this come into your life in the near future. Bringing a nurturing quality into a work situation may also be called for when the Queen of Pentacles arrives. You are in a very positive phase or the end stage of a situation. Expect a successful and stable outcome when this Queen appears.


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