Virgo Daily Horoscope:

Jun 24, 2021 - How about a little bit of fun? Life has been rather short on that ever since the Universe decided to proceed down the incredibly bizarre and difficult path it chose for itself. You probably have been confronted with more than one of your own limitations during this time, forced to address issues you’d rather shove under the rug or leave for someone else to deal with.

Well, after all that struggle, it looks as though you’ve got something of a reward heading your way. There is a beautiful Full Moon in Capricorn illuminating the heavens above, and this lunation will be focusing its attention on your 5th House of creativity, passion, and true love.

Life is going to offer you a chance for some pleasure that you haven’t gotten in quite a while, so the last thing you ought to do is hide yourself away­–metaphorically speaking. If you have anything special to unveil now is the time, so show off; you deserve it.

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