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Jun 20, 2019 - The Aquarius Moon is in your house of details today, Virgo, so you may expect some changes in the way your day to day life is organized today. It’s a temporary disruption. It could be something like a schedule change, or a home reno interfering with daily life.

Use the creative energy from Neptune turning retrograde to find that balance today, but be wary of any big deals where you don't have all of the facts. There is some cloudiness in the forecast. So before you sign on any dotted line that is creating change for you, think things through very carefully in true, organized, Virgo style.

Show off your flexible and rolling with it side and you come out the winner today. As good as you are at change by being an Earthly Mutable Sign, you also don’t like it and resist it on occasion. And today the changes that are presenting themselves feel bigger than they actually are, and that is due to today being Air Sign energy. But these changes will be good for you, Virgo, and will show you a new way of doing things and how you present your role in a key situation.

What change are you expecting, Virgo?


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