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Jul 22, 2019 - With the Sun still in Cancer for one last day, dear Virgo, you are feeling very empathic today, and have some energy in play that are going to help you along. The Aries Moon in your eighth house of resources suggests that you could be experiencing some talks over resources with a primary partner today, or some secrets could come out that deepen bonds and secure key connections.

You also have some events happening on the home or family front, but they will make you feel energized today.

Overall you are feeling great today, Virgo, and like you are on top of the world. This will give you some energy and freedom today, and you will feel like exploring activities today that inspire you or encourage that drive for freedom. You may also just have more energy on the home front, and could even have a little bit of restless energy here.

You will also be more keen on trying unconventional solutions to old problems today, Virgo. And when you apply those methods, you will find some great results today.

What will you do with your positive vibes today, Virgo?


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