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Mar 27, 2019 - Secrets are your superpower today, Virgo, especially in the way of relationships! If things in love or partnerships just haven’t been going your way lately, it’s time to shake things up a notch by revealing some exciting things to your favorite people. The Moon in fellow Earth Sign Virgo is working your fifth house of pleasures, and romance is on the docket today. You like to hold your cards close to your chest, but today Universe wants you to try a new approach. Share, and share alike. Not only will you get closer to someone today, you will learn something new too! If you hold too many cards close to your chest today, you could turn them right off. So just be the real you that you are today, and be a little more open as well. It could be a very eye opening time for you, and not one that is disappointing in any regard. What are you holding to your chest, Virgo?

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The Chariot

The Chariot

When the Chariot arrives today, be sure that you are the ones taking the reins in order to control the outcome of your situation. The Chariot also could signify a Cancer in your life, or a Cancer about to make an appearance in your life. The zodiac sign Cancer is a hard worker, and attains success through… Read More »

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For those of us suffering from physical issues relating to our bones, or backaches and infection, look to harmonious Selenite. Its primary chakra is the Third Eye Chakra, connected to our creativity and inspiration, as well as our wisdom and insight. A blocked Third Eye Chakra could lead us to feel as though we are living in chaos - Selenite is known for its properties of spiritual connection, bri… Read More »

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