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Dec 04, 2021 - Happy New Moon, Virgo!

Recent stresses may have generated some worry within you but the universe encourages you to stay positive because good things are coming.

Delays will be sorted out and you will find new renewal in your endeavors. For now, take this time to unwind and balance yourself on an emotional level.

A quiet walk among nature and meditating with incense is highly recommended. Don’t underestimate the power your environment has on you. To see the way ahead clearly, take care of your spiritual self.

Dec 05, 2021 - Your creativity levels are pretty high today, Virgo, so this is a good time to ask yourself how you can use your creative energy to improve your financial situation.

You are the skilled saver of the zodiac and others come to you for advice when it comes to the material stuff!

However, today you just might find that someone is able to offer advice that can be very helpful, or you may get a flash of inspiration from someone who enables you to see things in a new light.

Keep your mind open to new possibilities, Virgo!

Dec 06, 2021 - Your creative energy is especially strong under this Capricorn Moon, Virgo, and the great part is that your fellow earth sign’s energy helps you to maintain focus and manifest your desires into reality.

With this Moon moving through your fifth house, you have the potential to open some new gateways of opportunity, Virgo.

Take time today to immerse yourself in your own thoughts and think of new plans. This is a time to ground yourself and think about your future plans and ways you can adapt to them. This is also a time for reaching out to others and experiencing new horizons in the form of conversation that can be enlightening. Trust yourself and others, Virgo!

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