virgo Money Horoscope:

May 06, 2021 - Communication is positive today, Virgo, and finances may well be a topic of discussion.

It’s important to lay out your plans clearly and concisely. What are your goals and aspirations? How can you work with others to achieve them?

Ensure you are all on the same page. There may be some confusion under this Pisces Moon today which clouds your judgement. Think about your long-term plans and go from there, Virgo.

May 07, 2021 - There is some inner working with your higher self today, Virgo, as the Aries Moon compels you to face aspects of yourself you would rather keep hidden.

If there are past regrets you have concerning finances then facing them is the best way forward as this is the only way you can be free of the regrets.

Take time today to contemplate and spend time alone as this can help clear your mind, especially if you are able to be out among nature. Take time to focus on your inner self and the messages it is trying to tell you. What message does it have for you at this time?

May 08, 2021 - There may be some confusion as to which direction to turn in today, Virgo, as there may be some unexpected news and a sense of bewilderment surrounding you under these universal energies.

At the same time, this is a positive day for finances and new opportunities are looking very good! All that hard work is starting to pay off and some good news is on the way.

Organizing yourself is important at this time. Think of your long-term plans and ways in which you can harness your natural abilities to bring you good financial outcomes, Virgo.

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