virgo Money Horoscope:

Sep 20, 2021 - Happy Full Moon, Virgo!

This is a deeply contemplative day for you and it is also a time when the universe is smiling down on you. The universe has seen your struggle, Virgo, and encourages you to keep going because good things are coming for you.

Your intuition is extremely powerful today so whatever it tells you regarding finances, take them as messages from the universe guiding you in the right direction.

Pay attention to dreams and feelings of significance. This is a turning point for you. Stay positive. Good things are on the horizon – and you deserve it, Virgo!

Sep 21, 2021 - There is some inner working with your higher self today, Virgo, as the Aries Moon compels you to face aspects of yourself you would rather keep hidden.

If there are past regrets you have concerning finances then facing them is the best way forward as this is the only way you can be free of the regrets.

Take time today to contemplate and spend time alone as this can help clear your mind, especially if you are able to be out among nature. Take time to focus on your inner self and the messages it is trying to tell you. What message does it have for you at this time?

Sep 22, 2021 - Now is the time to reach out and network with others, Virgo! The Moon is in Aries and encouraging you to concentrate on nurturing connections with others as this is a positive time of communication.

New financial ideas can come from discussions today so keep yourself occupied with the long-term goals.

It is possible you may talk to like-minded individuals with who you can work with in the coming future to help you achieve your plans. Don’t keep yourself to yourself today. Reach out and let your voice be your guide, Virgo.

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