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Jan 22, 2019 - A big chapter comes to a close for you, over the next few days, Virgo.  The Leo Moon is in your twelfth house of endings and secrets, and it's a period of reflection. This Moon becomes a Full Moon yesterday, and will cast a light on an area that you want to leave behind you. A lunar eclipse accompanies yesterday's energy and you may start feeling this today.  It's heavy energy for a few days, but you are protected by the twelfth house guardian angel through it all. Today a Venus and Jupiter conjunction is working some magic and luck in your fourth house of roots.  Take a slow approach to all things today and this cranky energy will dissipate soon enough. And don't forget you have a guardian angel with you through this Full Moon period over the next two days.  What chapter are you closing now, Virgo?

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4 of Pentacles

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Known for its properties of intuition, guidance and focusing energy, Sodalite is a wonderful crystal to work with issues such as insomnia, self-esteem and an overactive imagination. "I let logic and intuition guide me," is Sodalite's affirmation, and its primary chakra is the Throat Chakra, connected to the way we express ourselves and communicate with others. Excellent for Sagittarius to work wit… Read More »

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