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Jul 04, 2022 - There is powerful lunar energy in the air that enables you to come up with bright ideas at this time, Taurus, so take time today to think of new and inventive ways you can increase your earnings.

The world is your oyster and there are some wonderful opportunities on the way for you. The more you exert positive energy, the more positivity will be drawn to you.

Look to the future and let go of the past. This is a time of great change for you - good things are coming, Taurus, so keep your eye fixed on the end goal and remember to be flexible when necessary.

Jul 05, 2022 - Today is about making change as this Moon calls you to analyze areas of your finances that you are able to improve on, whether it's internal or external, Taurus.

By that, it means focusing on things you can change as opposed to things you cannot change. For example, you may not be able to control what happens around you, but you can control your mindset and choose whether to think positively or negatively.

This is a great time to spend among nature and allow yourself to be grounded in its power. The more you spend time reflecting today, the clearer everything will become to you, Taurus.

Jul 06, 2022 - It's important to slow down today and take time to plan your next steps under this lunar energy, Taurus.

There is a powerful need to get things done but moderation is key at this time, Taurus. Meditating can provide greater clarity and a sense of relief. It can also enable you to see things from a new and different perspective.

Where there is financial stress, the first step is to balance yourself within. Breathe and relax. Everything will work out as it should so stay balanced, focused, and positive, Taurus.

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