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Jan 18, 2022 - This is no time to think negatively, Taurus, and indeed today is all about concentrating on your sense of self.

The Moon is in Leo and your emotions may be running deeper than usual today. A financial discussion with another has the potential to turn negative or positive. Ultimately, it is up to you which direction it goes in.

Are you confident in what you want? Are you confident of your own abilities? Believe in yourself and speak your mind today, Taurus. There are opportunities on the way for you so trust in the guidance of your intuition.

Jan 19, 2022 - This is a time when you are able to view things from a higher perspective and see how your material and spiritual path merge as one, Taurus.

These universal energies bring the opportunity for dramatic transformation and potential.

So today is all about planning and thinking of how your personal financial goals can be helped along by the power of manifestation.

Remind yourself of your hopes and dreams, and stay open to new possibilities as they appear on the horizon, Taurus.


Jan 20, 2022 - This is a positive day for finances, Taurus, and you are especially encouraged to focus on creative projects that can generate greater financial income for you.

The Moon is in fellow earth sign, Virgo, and encouraging you to focus on your long-term goals and aspirations. This is a great time to go through bills or payments for the next few weeks as you are able to get your head down to business today.

You may feel like pampering yourself today and may be inclined to invest in a new look. Do what makes you happy, Taurus, but don’t go overboard!

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