taurus Money Horoscope:

May 21, 2022 - If you have had a few moments of doubt, today brings the opportunity to bring yourself back into balance, Taurus.

It's really all just about balance so take time today to think of how you can achieve it. Meditation is highly recommended, same as yoga. The more balanced you feel within, the more you are able to view your finances with greater clarity and reach the best decisions for everyone involved.

So take time for this crucial period of relaxation and regaining balance, Taurus - big things are ahead!

May 22, 2022 - Enlightenment comes in many forms, Taurus, and today you may have such a moment with your finances.

This is a powerful time of self-awareness for you and you have the potential to engage with yourself at a deeper level, enabling you to see past any fog or confusion.

A discussion with another may result in some spectacular results so the more you open up today, the greater the chances of success in the future. Things can be unstable but adopting the attitude of positivity manifests its own reward, Taurus.

May 23, 2022 - As time passes by, you might find yourself in deep contemplation today, Taurus. This is a time of emotional renewal for you.

Where you have been feeling lost or uncertain regarding finances, the universal energies bring you a sense of certainty now.

Everything will become clearer with time, Taurus, so try not to fret too much. Place your trust in yourself and in the future you wish to build - good things are coming to you!

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