taurus Money Horoscope:

Apr 20, 2021 - This Leo Moon encourages you to pay close attention to your emotions as you may be feeling quite short-tempered today, Taurus, especially in regard to financial matters!

It helps to write down your feelings and lay out a plan of action. If you feel stress getting the better of you, spending time among nature can be very helpful and healing for you.

Good opportunities are coming for you and there may be the chance for collaboration with another. For now, focus on everything that is closer to home and on rebalancing yourself from within.

Apr 21, 2021 - Today brings the chance to delve deep within yourself and you may come to a few realizations that shock or surprise you, Taurus.

But today is also the chance to manifest your dreams, so take time to ponder on all you discover.

Taking trips down memory lane may be on the agenda and there may even be a chance of an altercation between you and another which could be quite shocking.

But remember that everything is a learning curve. Don’t dwell on any negatives. Instead, think about the message the universe is sending you. Cracking the code of this message will lead you to an outcome of joy and success, Taurus.

Apr 22, 2021 - This is a time when you have tremendous focus, Taurus, and it’s time to get your finances in gear and bring yourself into a new mindset which alleviates you of stress and tension.

You’ve met your fair share of challenges but just remember that change is on the horizon and the more you focus, the more positive your change will be.

You may have to adapt and ride with the wind but remember that change and adapting leads to the road of success.

You have a goal in mind, Taurus. Never doubt yourself that you can reach it.

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