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For the Week of: April 06 - April 12

Apr 06, 2020 - This week starts off with some major vibrations, Taurus, and you’ll be feeling them rather strongly so get ready to buckle down and get your life in order because the stars aren’t doing anything by halves right now. Tuesday, April 7th, starts off with a powerful Full Moon in Libra in your 6th House of health and wellness, shining a major spotlight on the way you operate your daily life and the things you do to make sure you’re feeling your best. If you’ve been looking for a time to get your life in order (did a few of those 2020 resolutions already fall to the wayside?) consider this your cosmic cue to get down to brass tacks. Neptune will be forming a confusing angle to this Full Moon, however, so be wary of that planet’s tendency to create illusion and fantasy wherever it goes. Make sure the work you are doing is actually worthwhile and not just a temporary fix-it that will need to be redone or reworked in only a few weeks.

Regardless of the Full Moon, the 7th is one of the most potently apsected days we’ve had in some time (I know, as if life hasn’t been bizarre enough lately) and you’re hosting one of the major players in your sign, so I wouldn’t be shocked if you feel this even more strongly than most. Action-planet Mars will be reaching out from Aquarius and your 10th House of career to form a destabilizing square with rebellious Uranus, currently parked in your sign for an extended seven-year stay. With these planets coming into contact with one another you might feel an intense desire to break out of your bonds, literal or metaphorical, and let the world hear you howl. You’re normally better than most at keeping your act together and plodding along in difficult times, but under this energy even you might blow a gasket and rebel against the conditions you’ve been placed in, so if you feel a little stir-crazy just know there’s a reason for it.

On this same day messenger Mercury, currently parked in Pisces and your 11th House of social groups and global communications, will reach out across the sky to form a stabilizing sextile with both Pluto and Jupiter, the pair of which are slowly rotating through Capricorn and your 9th House of foreign cultures and higher education. While you’ve probably felt very cooped up lately, this energy could offer you a chance to broaden your horizons, even if you have to do it from the comfort of your own home. This transit is extremely favorable to logging on to your computer and reaching out to people in different groups and communities who might be able to open your eyes up to more than you’ve seen in sometime, so if there is a concept or movement that has been catching your attention by all means reach out! This same sector of your chart also rules humanitarian efforts, so if you can find a way to help out during these difficult times then please do!

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