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For the Week of: October 03 - October 09

Oct 03, 2022 - There’s a rather dreamy quality to this week, Taurus, but also one that is quite expansive, so it could feel like someone opened a window and let in a fresh breeze. Things brighten up considerably on the 6th as Mercury in your fun-loving 5th House forms a beautiful trine to alchemical Pluto in Capricorn and your 9th House of boundless horizons and foreign cultures. On this day you could meet someone from a very different background than your own who totally vibes with you, perhaps bringing a little bit of romance into your life. The 9th House is also a very intellectual place, so if you’ve been wanting to break out of your shell at all and see what else is going on in the world, this would be the perfect time to dive in!

Pluto is tacking rather top billing this week, as it has been rotating backwards in Capricorn and your 9th House since the spring, which might have made the world feel even more limited as of late. Fortunately, this power-house planet is going to turn direct on the 8th, and is going to start making large movements possible once again. Look for ways to grow your life beyond what it has been and the planets will provide you with plenty of opportunities. If you’re hoping to travel then the chance to go beyond your normal horizons could arrive, but this could also signal a return to education, one way or another. Dive into something new and you’ll find it totally enriches your life.

The weekend winds down on anything but a quiet note. The skies illuminate with a very powerful Full Moon in Aries and your 12th House of endings and closure on the 9th. Since Full Moons are a manifestation period it might seem a little odd to have this occur in the part of your chart all about letting go, but do remember that sometimes, in order to bring something new into our lives, we must first let go of things that are no longer serving us. For the next two weeks look around your life for places that could use a little streamlining and organizing. Perhaps there are some toxic habits you need to break so if you’ve gotten a little loose about your 2022 resolutions this might be the perfect time to hop back on the healthy living bandwagon.

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