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For the Week of: January 11 - January 17

Jan 11, 2021 - Even if you can’t go very far right now in a literal sense, this week is encouraging you to look beyond your own backyard for fulfillment, albeit perhaps in a more metaphorical way. The planets are making some big changes in the days ahead, and you will be feeling these angles more than most, so don’t be shocked if you feel like you’re bouncing around like a ping-pong ball; shock and change are hardly a Taurus’s favorite things, but it’s better to be prepared the best you can.

The world opens up a bit to you on the 13th as the annual Capricorn New Moon illuminates the sky and your 9th House of foreign cultures and travel; yes, you’re confronted with so many limitations right now, but life won’t always be like this. In the coming weeks start plotting out new vistas and concepts you want to explore. By the time the Capricorn Full Moon rolls around in six months you could be in a whole different place, mentally and physically. This lunation will be forming an incredibly powerful angle to alchemical Pluto, so this is a very powerful and potent time. Only the very next day, la Luna will make her annual conjunction to Pluto, which makes for one of the most intense days of the year, but it won’t be the only angle in the skies above. Mars, recently arrived in your sign, will be forming a tough square to karmic Saturn in Aquarius and your career sector, so don’t be too shocked if it feels like someone just hit the breaks on your professional progress. This isn’t the best time to try and get ahead, so give yourself permission to shift off course for a few days.

Speaking of shifting, Uranus, the planet of surprise, will also turn direct on this day after spending the last five months in retrograde formation in your sign. During this phase you may have gone through a lot of personal transformation and alteration, but it might not have been very easy and you might not have entirely known how to handle it; now, however, things will begin to be a little bit easier as Uranus will start to work more in your favor, making these transitions less complicated and more in line with what you want as opposed to what you need.

Over the weekend Uranus will reach out to form a tense square with Jupiter, replicating the square we saw earlier between Mars and Saturn. Again, this will be impacting your career sector, but instead of forcing you to step back and wait, this could see some major changes coming down the professional pipeline; just make sure you don’t try to push ahead too much at once, because all that energy could blow up in your face if you don’t handle it with care.

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