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Aug 01, 2021 - The Moon is in Taurus today, Sag, and encouraging you to focus on some wind-down time – in other words, don’t overdo it!

You may be tempted to, especially if you have big ventures on the horizon. But it’s important to regenerate, otherwise how will you make the best decisions you possibly can, especially in regard to your finances?

Your health needs your attention, both physical and mental health. Are you exhausted, Sag? Now is the time to pay close attention to your needs and listen to what your body is telling you.

Aug 02, 2021 - With the Moon in Gemini and in your seventh house of relationships, it is time to have a chat with those closest to you about financial issues, Sag.

If you have been wanting to say something but have expressed reluctance to do so, then there is no better time to do it than today.

Challenging conversations should remain balanced under the harmonious universal energies and you will also find your voice is stronger than usual.

If you need to persuade anyone to your way of thinking, now is the time to do it, Sag. Don’t doubt yourself and don’t hold back.

Aug 03, 2021 - You may be feeling especially generous, Sag, and keen to spread goodwill. You may be interested in helping others for philanthropic purposes.

This is also a time to plan for the future as there is excellent energy in the air for directing your discipline in the right way.

Speaking of discipline, how much are you disciplining yourself with your finances? Do you need to make adjustments here and there? If you need a boost of motivation, today can provide you with that!

Take time out to plan and prepare for the coming month, Sag.

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