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May 15, 2022 - This Scorpio Moon is bringing some intensity to your mind, Sag, and you may find yourself exploring your resources at a deeper level.

Going inwards and investigating your own relationship with finances may be part of an unexpected turn you take today. This may involve delving a little into your past as you seek to explore new ways of doing things

Letting go is on the agenda so if you have some far-off or recent regrets regarding finances, remember that this releasing these regrets will help you move forward with positivity and drive.

May 16, 2022 - Happy Full Moon, Sag!

There is great energy in the air for new projects and for getting things done. What changes do you wish to see in the coming future?

You may need to be a little more flexible in the future but for now, it's important to think of new plans and consider new ways that you can make things easier for yourself.

Take time to analyze and think about how you can make positive changes. Someone may have some surprising news for you that could present a new opportunity, so keep your eyes and ears open, Sag.

May 17, 2022 - The more you focus on your well-being today, the greater your chances of success will be in the coming future, Sag.

Today brings the chance for relaxation and also the chance to reflect on your financial situation and areas you may need to improve on.

Take time to unwind. Spend some time in nature, write in your journal and think about the changes you wish to make. Some important discussions are on the way so be prepared for any eventuality, Sag.

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