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Nov 27, 2020 - Today brings the opportunity to focus on work and health, Sag, and this Moon brings you excellent dedication. You are able to get a lot done today so be sure to take advantage of this energy.

Money-wise, you may be looking at a few ups and downs in the immediate future but this is a good time to set the foundation for something more stable in the long-term.

You may be tossing a few ideas around which can result in something productive and beneficial further down the line, so keep an open mind today and crack on with what needs focus!

Nov 28, 2020 - This is a great time to network with others, Sag, and share some creative ideas around. You never know what you’ll pick up on which could result in something fruitful and beneficial in the future!

This Moon enables you to focus on the task at hand so think about what you need to concentrate on today regarding your finances. You can get a lot done, so take advantage of the universal energies!

Procrastination may be a risk if you do not have a set plan today. So, write down what needs to be done and use it is a guide throughout the day. Positive things are coming so stay focused and grounded, Sag!

Nov 29, 2020 - This is a positive time for discussing finances with those closest to you, so if you need to get something off your chest then now is the time to do so, Sag.

The lunar energies are encouraging positive action in terms of bills and outstanding debts. Things are about to take a positive change but remember that you are the one who ultimately needs to make this change.

Don’t think the power is out of your hands. There is far more power you hold than you may realize. Take your time to assess and sit down with your thoughts today. Share them with others who can help you as this can enable you view things from various perspectives, paving the way for a good outcome.

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